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Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight

Mar 31, 2014 - I was given to opportunity to try this product by the awesome gals of this website. When I first heard of it, I have to say I had my doubts about it. It makes some really big claims and I was a little scared of using something that would damage/change the texture of my hair. I should mention I have type 3c/4a very frizzy, coily, curls. I have been natural for almost 4 years now and it's taken me just as much to finally achieve the results I wanted with my hair. The thought of using something that even slightly resembled a relaxer made me cringe. But I trusted the good judgement of the people who sent it to me and gave it a try. There's 4 products inside the package: the shampoo, the leave in conditioner and 2 packets of shampoo and conditioner that you're supposed to use if you want the effects to last longer. The shampoo has a light, pleasant scent and it leaves you hair squeaky clean, like ridiculously squeaky clean. Which made me panic a little bit at fist because as a curly gal you don't want to strip your hair of it's natural oils that much. The leave in conditioner is different. I was expecting a thick cream, but instead this product is very water and runny. To my surprise, it does make your hair very slick and helps with the detangling process in step 2. Now when it comes to straightening my hair, I have to admit I'm no expert. In fact, it's highly debatable whether I should even be allowed to use hot tools so close to my head. I'm clumsy and have no technique whatsoever when it comes to maneuvering the flat iron. My hair did feel sticky after I blow dryed it and still a little bit after I flat ironed it. I can't say it was silky soft, though. I honestly don't think this made it any easier for me to straighten my hair by myself (but then again I lack practice and I don't have the best tools for the job either). I think seasoned veterans in the art of flat ironing might have better results than I did. I still don't know how my hair will look like once I wash it, but I will definitely follow up and update this review once I find out. So in conclusion, Pros: not a relaxer; no harsh, stinky chemicals; light pleasant smell; you need very little product to coat your hair and although watery, the conditioner will give you enough slip to detangle your hair. Cons: The shampoo might make your hair feel too stripped and dry; the leave in conditioner might sting or burn slightly if you have sensitive skin so make sure you drape a towel on your shoulders to protect the exposed areas of your neck; the results are not as dramatic as it claims to be; the stickiness after you blow dry it might be an unpleasant feeling for some.