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Trader Joe`s Nourish Conditioner

Jul 04, 2011 - Used with a lghtweight gel(like phytobaumedefrisant) this is the only conditioner I've tried for my fine hair that did not weigh it down, gave lots of body,but did not feel producty. It's so cheap everyone should try it! Goes well with Elucence Moisture Benefits shampoo too.

Zoot Curly Spray

Apr 21, 2011 - Best lightweight spray ever! Nice coconut smell. Used w/ curly gel as reccomended and I wasn't steered wrong. Enhances the gel without any weight.

Zoot Curly Glaze

Apr 21, 2011 - I used the Zoot curly spray first as advised. I used a lot ,raked thru, then plopped. Loved the curl formation and unproducty feel I got with this. I also went back to spots w/more to control frizz..Perfect for Spring/summer

jfr24601's Latest Salon Reviews

Salon MB - Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Oct 20, 2013 - Melissa is Deva trained and has been a curly hair expert in the trendy Dunwoody area for many years. When the owner of the well established salon retired, Melissa moved to a very smart cozy space on the first floor of Dunwoody Storage. This has allowed her to keep her prices for cuts very reasonable! Besides the great pricing, she is expert making all the different curl patterns work together. She takes the time to listen and will collaborate with you about what works for your hair.

Curltopia - Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Robin Sjoblom

Jan 05, 2013 - Thank goodness finding Deva trained stylists is getting more common, but finding a 3rd Level Deva certified stylist who is a true style maker such as Robin is uncommon From the get go we had great communication about what she thought would work for my fine, medium hair that needed lots more layering with that great curl by dry curl cutting method. The cut she gave me is what I've wanted for a long time but had a hard time articulating untill now. It's always nice having the Deva method of styling (soaking wet, under the hood dryer] but the true test for a good cut, is if my quicker method of styling (closer to Curly Hair Solutions way) still works with the cut. Plus Robin is such an upbeat, relateable person to talk to. I'm really looking forward to my next cut in a few months.

Vis-a-Vis - Buckhead, Georgia, United States
Kristin Hargrove

May 23, 2012 - I used to go to Vis A Vis regularly years ago to the owner, Jeffrey before moving to another state. I always enjoyed the level of professionalism and services I recieved. I moved back to a neighboring state making it possible to return. I decided to try Kristin after reading on their website that she uses a tecnique developed in the Seattle area for cutting excessively curly hair. Knowing Jeffrey only hires the best I knew she would be great . She listened to all my concerns and challanges and gave me a much better shape without cutting too much. I needed more layers (always risky!) but Kristen definetely knows what she is doing. I felt like we really collaberated on what was right for me. Thanks Kristen, I'll be back!