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U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer

Jul 17, 2014 - I tried this gel a number of ways (with the accompanying poo/condish/serum and with a different condish to isolate attributes specific to this gel rather than with the whole system). Solid results all around. The gel squirts out very thick and keeps its shape in my hand. But once I rubbed my hands together and raked it through, it spread with easy slip and no challenges to even distribution. My curls were springy and encouraged well on both my 3a and 2b sides. The curls lasted all day and weren't deterred by the stifling heat and humidity we've had the last couple of weeks. I did notice one unusual attribute. When I wet my hair, my hair felt coated under the shower's spray exponentially after each day's use, but doing my normal conditioning each time made that same sensation undetectable after rinsing out my conditioner. I didn't witness any other signs of buildup either. My instinct is that it did build up a little bit, but conditioner dissolved most of the gel. However, a little remained each day, which is why I noticed an increased coated sensation with each passing day. That said, the coating I felt most likely is why this gel faired well in humidity, and as long as I conditioned daily, I had symptoms of buildup which, quite frankly, is the best of both worlds.

U R Curly Sili-Free Hair Serum

Jul 15, 2014 - I tried this serum 2 of the methods on the label. First, I tried a small amount on wet hair as a styler with a tiny bit of the loose curls gel over it. The result was skinnier/stringier curls than I prefer and more frizz than normal. Another day, I tried it on one side when a late-afternoon t-storm brought the humidity frizz. It didn't seem to do much other than make the frizz shiny. I like the idea of a silicone-free serum, but I don't think my waves/curls are the hairtype best suited for this serum.

U R Curly Abyssinian Oil

Jul 15, 2014 - I've used oils as treatments but always from the grocery isles. It was nice to have a pre-mixed oil. The oil did help with protecting my scalp from the menthol tingling when I tried the matching condish on day 3 (no poo day). I also used a bit on the last couple of inches of my curls before applying the condish. I didn't notice any increase in moisture or decrease in frizz, but it also wasn't greasy-oily after I applied the condish and later rinsed. I haven't used soy-based oils before so I don't have a comparison on that aspect.

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Salon Disegno - Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States

Jan 23, 2011 - Excellent dry cut with Martha! Cut each curl with the Curly Girl angle at the ends and used the great analogy of cutting a curling ribbon. She also reinforced that I would know my curls best rather than pushing attitude (which is all I've encountered from OTHER stylists since moving to the Atl metro). Easy to talk to. Spent a good bit of time before the actual cut to get to know me, my preferences, what I do with my hair, etc. $53 for the dry cut. Very reasonable price for leaving happy about my cut. Feeling positive about the haircut experience--priceless!