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African Pride Natural Miracle Texture Manageability System

Aug 09, 2014 - I was sent this product from Naturally Curly to give my honest review on it. I shampooed my hair twice with step one to make sure that my hair was clean of excess oils and residue that would keep the leave in from doing its job. Well the cleansing shampoo which is step one did strip my hair of everything and shockingly it did not tangle my hair and my hair didn't really feel drying just extra clean. I then proceeded to step 2, the inner active leave in. I sectioned my hair in 4's and lightly applied the leave in from roots to tips as suggested by the directions and then proceeded to detangle my hair to make sure the product was applied to every strand. After completing each section I then let it sit for the 20 minutes required before proceeding to step 3, the blow drying phase. Shockingly my hair did get a little tangled when I proceeded to blow dry but it was quickly resolved. Once I finished blow drying my entire head, my hair felt soft to the touch. I then sectioned my hair again a started the final process, step 4, flat ironing. I started in the back and flat ironed small sections with just one pass using the chase method with my rat tail comb and continued to do this until each section was completed. As I was going through the process. I could feel that my hair was left extremely soft to the tough and had an amazing shine to it that I did not expect to get with this product. Now that it has been a while since I have applied this product, I have not done any touch ups with the flat iron and my hair is still silky smooth and looks amazing. Even with the ran and me taking hot baths in this 110+ degree weather we have, my hair has not tried to revert back which is a huge plus. Who wants to take the time out to do all this work on their natural hair only to have it revert back in little to no time?! I am overall very pleased with this product line and whenever I want to straighten my hair I will definitely use it again!! Plus the directions were super easy to follow!!

Dream Kids Detangler Miracle Texture Managebility System

Jul 22, 2014 - After speaking with our daughter she agreed be a volunteer for She loves having her natural hair straightened but she is always quick to sweat it out. She has a mixture of 3b and 3c curls and her hair is very thick. When we were sent this product for review, I read over the directions and it was very simple. I comber her hair out prior to washing with step 1 (cleansing shampoo which did not leave her hair tangled but did strip her hair of build up) and then again before applying step 2 (leave in conditioner) just too make sure that I would be able to apply a thin coating like the directions stated without over saturating her hair. Once I finished, i combed her hair to make sure the leave in was evenly distributed. After waiting the 20 minutes, I proceeded to blow dry her hair. It left her hair pretty straight and after I flat ironed it, her hair was left looking amazing. What really sold me on it was that she went outside later on with her brothers and played for a while. She can in sweaty and all but her hair was still straight. It hadn't even tried to revert back. Now we live in Vegas and our summers are always in the 110's.I truly love this system and she does as well. WE both love her natural curls but it is nice to know that she can use something like this when she wants straight hair that will last more than a day or so, knowing that she can always go back to her curls. This is a great system and our daughter absolutely loves it as well. I would definitely use it again when it comes time to straighten her hair when she wants too!!

ORS HAIRepair Nourishing Conditioner

Jun 04, 2014 - I used this right after using the invigorating shampoo. I applied it to my hair and sectioned it off into multiple twists and applied more to each section. I combed it through to make sure it was evenly distributed and then I proceeded with putting on a processing cap. Since I don't have a hooded dryer, I let it sit for the recommended 30 minutes. Before i even washed it out I could feel how soft my hair was, and when it was rinsed out , it was really soft. I loved how my hair was left with a light smell of bananas! Just like the shampoo, the conditioner left my hair very moisturized and feeling amazing. After i blow dried my hair with my hand dryer, my hair was still very soft and filled with a lot of body and movement. This conditioner and the shampoo will be added to my must have list. I am very please with all the items I have tried from this particular line so far and they all smell heavenly!

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The Grow-Out Challenge

Jun 06, 2014 - Hello everyone!! My name is Kina and I am a Stay at Home Wife and Mother of 5!! I have been on my healthy hair journey since I Big Chopped for the 3rd and final time on June 16, 2011. My blog will be about what I have learned about my hair over this