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May 17

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Just For Me Hair Milk Moisturesoft Sulfate Free Cleanser

Sep 21, 2015 -

This hair milk moisture soft sulfate free cleanser has a light pleasant scent and is silky to the touch. A little bit goes a long way. I used this on my daughters hair after a couple of weeks of her styling her hair and getting product build up. I wanted to see if it would actually cleanse her hair properly and remove all the build up. When I applied the cleanser to her hair it began to suds up immediately. I worked the cleanser into her scalp and ran the rest down the length of her hair and to my surprise, after rinsing, it had actually removed all the product build up. Her hair was left soft and very manageable and her curls looked amazing. I even tried it on my 4a curls and I obtained the same results. Our hair wasn't left feeling stripped at all. It was left feeling clean, soft and well moisturized. I would also recommend this cleanser to others and I would also repurchase this product. It did what it said it would do and more and we have no complaints about it.

Just For Me Hair Milk Pre-Wash Softening Detangler

Sep 21, 2015 -

This hair milk pre wash detangler is very light and has a silky creamy texture. It also has a very pleasant scent that is not too strong. When I applied this to my daughters tangled hair, it immediately started to soften her hair. The more I worked it into her hair the more her tangles started to melt away. I was pleasantly surprised at how soft her became and how her hair felt like butter after using this. So much so that I decided to try it on my 4a curls! Shockingly I received the same exact results. We both barely had any shed hair and after I finger detangled our hair, I followed up with my rake comb and it glided through both our hair without any problems. I would definitely recommend this product to others and the results we obtained was enough to keep me interested in repurchasing this product. It did everything it said it would do and more! I also love that I didn't have to use much in order for this product to its job!

Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color - Intense Black 1.0

Oct 04, 2014 - I was sent this product to review by Naturally Curly and I was eager to try them out since I had heard great things about this line. I must say that I was very pleased with the results that I got from this hair dye. I have used other brands before and dyed my hair black but this one right here was completely different. Not only did I achieve a nice beautiful evenly intense black, but with the type of formula this one is made up of, it left my hair feeling amazingly soft and the shine I got after using the argon oil treatment was unbelievable! I was truly amazed at how much healthier it made my hair looked after the process, which was a huge shocker! My hair looks healthier and more vibrant in this color than my natural color I was also pleased at the fact that during the application process my natural hair did not get tangled, it was actually easy to run my fingers through it for even distribution and it did not loosen my curl pattern. I only let it sit on my hair for about 20-25 minutes instead of the full 30 that was recommended for natural hair and it still came out like how I expected it to. I haven't dyed my hair in years and I must say that because of my wonderful experience with this line of hair dye, I will definitely be using it again. BTW I only dyed the bottom half of my hair since I plan on using another color to do the top for an even more dramatic effect and it will definitely be from this line as well!!

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The Grow-Out Challenge

Jun 06, 2014 - Hello everyone!! My name is Kina and I am a Stay at Home Wife and Mother of 5!! I have been on my healthy hair journey since I Big Chopped for the 3rd and final time on June 16, 2011. My blog will be about what I have learned about my hair over this