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Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea All Natural Styling Elixir

Apr 27, 2015 -

I love the coconut smell of the elixir which smells so good. I used the elixir on damp hair. I had applied it on my hair before I blow dried it. My results was great. The elixir left my hair feeling so soft, moisturized, and frizz free. I had a lot of body to my hair. I really didn't notice any shine which I didn't mind. Also, the next night I had used the elixir on dry hair for a braid out, and I had lovely results. My hair felt soft, and it gave me lots of moisture. Overall, this product works good on my 4b natural hair no matter if I used it as a heat protectant or a styler.

Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea All Natural Hair Masque

Apr 27, 2015 -

I did not like the smell of the masque, it smelled like a chemical. It did not smell good at all. When I first applied the masque to my hair, it weighted my hair down. It did not have a lot of slip. The slip was ok. I kind of ran into some tangles while I was detangling my hair. I left the masque on my hair for over 2 hours, and I set under a hooded dryer for 10 minutes. After I rinsed the masque out of my hair, my hair wasn't moisturized and not that soft. My hair felt and looked a little dry. Overall, the masque didn't wow me like I thought it would, so it wasn't nothing special.

Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea All Natural Moisture Shampoo

Apr 27, 2015 -

I liked the coconut smell that the shampoo have. I had shampoo my hair in sections. I liked how it lathered up quickly. It left my hair feeling clean, and it took away the itchy feeling from the Jamaican Castor Oil that I had on my scalp from me massaging my scalp everyday. After rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, my hair felt stripped and kind of dry. I did not have any moisture in my hair after using this shampoo. Overall, it's just an ok shampoo nothing special!!