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Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Super Softening Hair Butter

Mar 24, 2014 - Well, it looks like my curls are as much of a butter-loving fatty as I am. My hair slurped this stuff up the same way a dog laps up peanut butter. Smacking and grins included. One glob of the Super Softening Hair Butter and my greedy curls were quieted, tamed even. I would swim in it, bake a pie with it, frost a cake with it. My curls were activated (rare because they are also, in fact, as lazy as I am), and bountifully bounciful. Amazing product with amazing results. Hoorah!

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Root to Tip Mender

Mar 24, 2014 - I'll be honest here. When you're working with 4 products at once (this whole Dark and Lovely line), it's difficult to tell which product does what in making your hair look good/bad. Since the whole line makes my hair look amazing, I'm just gonna go with the assumption that this product does its job. What I do know about it: It's incredibly light, and the bottle only squirts out a minimal amount at a time. The amount that makes a girl with thick hair like mine just laugh at the absurdity that such a small amount could tame the beast. But if you do it in sections like an earlier reviewer mentioned, the result is great. I have little to no split ends, and my hair has ceased clogging up the bathroom drain. The lack of disgusted looks my roommate gives me these days has improved our relationship significantly, and who knows, maybe I'll stop drinking all of her wine because of this. I'm gonna chalk these results up to some major wins by this product. High five Root to Tip Mender, high five. Solving hair crimes and roommate problems all day e'ery day.

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Strength Restoring Conditioner

Mar 24, 2014 - Frizz, meet your foe. Tangles, meet your comb. I left this conditioner in my hair for about 7 minutes (that's the time I approximate it takes to shave my legs, accurate, no?) and let it rinse out, breathing in the sweet sweet scent of perfectly curly hair. I actually look forward to washing my hair, like right now, I might just go do that. Not only do I look forward to washing/conditioning it, it actually creates those little bouncy curls that make 10 people stop you throughout the day and ask, "Is your hair naturally curly?" You know, that question that generally ignites a deep-rooted longing in your heart to punch them in the face. "YES! Yes, I have lived with this torture my whole life, the frizz, the pain, the chemical treatments to get it straightened because all I wanted to be in high school was a normal girl with normal hair and not this crying heap of a mess who can't figure out how to blow dry her hair without emulating the sort of dog that only rich people own." And they would chuckle. CHUCKLE. Because they say, "Man what I would give to have curly hair, my hair does nothing." And then they hold up their frizz-free, highlighted locks, procuring another distinct flashback to the cheerleaders I went to school with, and my heart dies a little inside. I want to do nothing with my hair. I don't want to spend hours a week learning just how to wash and dry my hair. I don't want to have to go to a special hairstylist and pay three times as much as you so I don't look like a brunette Carrot-top. What did I ever do to God to deserve this?! Tell me!! But then, this conditioner. Rewind that scene to the "Is your hair naturally curly?" And I smile, whip my perfectly bouncy curls in their face, lean one sly cheek over my shoulder and reply so sweetly and innocently, "Yeah girl, I'm Au Naturale". And then strut away like I just beat out Jennifer Lawrence for an Oscar. Because of my hair. So yes. I love this stuff.

rania553's Latest Salon Reviews

I Love You Pink - Austin, Texas, United States
Georgia Bramhall

Jan 25, 2011 - Georgia was an incredible stylist. I was chopping my hair off to donate, and really wanted to get someone who knew what they were doing. For years I had been afraid to go to any stylists because they continuously massacred my curly hair, but after a referral to Georgia from a good friend of mine with similar (but less intense) curls to mine, I decided to give her a shot for my drastic cut. She was absolutely brilliant. She asked me what I wanted, if I had any preferences, and when I said, "I need 10 inches off for donation, and then after that, just make it look good," she smiled and replied, "I think I can do that." She did. For weeks following my cut, friends of mine raved about my hair, and I referred her to several more of my friends. She was so sweet, friendly, and encouraging, I will never get a cut from anyone else as long as I live within driving distance of Austin.

I Love You Pink - Austin, Texas, United States
Georgia Bramhall

Dec 19, 2010 - I went in to Propaganda Hair Group on recommendation from a friend of mine. I have extremely curly hair that has been massacred every time I've gone to a salon, and had given up on trying anything new with my hair a few years ago. It had grown quite long, and I recently decided to cut most of it off to donate to a foundation that creates wigs for children with cancer, but I really wanted someone who knew what they were doing with curly hair to help me with the process. Georgia was, for lack of a better term, magical with my hair. She was so encouraging, checked in with me a few times to make sure I was absolutely certain, and then chopped off my hair in two ponytails. She smiled at me and told me how great it already looked. Some quick snips, a wash, and 45 minutes later, and my hair looked incredible. I may have started tearing up in the chair. I've never had short hair in my life, and all of my friends were so anxious and nervous about whether or not I was going to hate it, and how long I'd be covering it up with hats for, but at my holiday party that night, everyone raved. People for the entire evening kept commenting on how incredible it looked, and how the change was so refreshing, and that they're so happy that I love it so much, which was the most important part. Georgia made me feel so comfortable, and worked with my hair so well, (which even after 21 years, I still can't figure out most days) that there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will be going to her for my salon needs as long as I reside in Austin.