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Oasis Salon - Rockville, Maryland, United States
Mi Mi

Nov 12, 2012 - Really disappointed. I came here twice in the past three months and specifically waited for the second experience to review the salon. I have curly hair and I am meticulous about researching good places for curly hair. Oasis got good reviews and I asked for Mimi because she received high ratings. I have been to Ouidad and DevaCurl (in NY) salons, so I know what is considered quality when dealing with curly hair. My first appointment was for highlights. I specifically told them I needed to be out in an hour and a half because I went during the week at lunch. Two hours later, I had to ask them to hurry up and not worry about styling my hair since I had to get back to work. I was also in pain (I even had to say something) when they were combing my hair after the wash. It felt like they were pulling out all of my hairs and I can't imagine they didn't notice my pained face. While Mimi was very nice, I was not impressed. I decided to give the salon a second chance about 2 months later to get my haircut. BTW - my highlights were gone by that time, which is not typical for me. When Mimi Can to greet me, she said, “long time, no see”. Umm, two months is not long in the haircut world. She then made a mistake by saying I had gotten a haircut there. She obviously did not do her background check on me before I arrived. I had stressed previously that having my hair cut shorter than asked was one of my biggest fears. I showed Mimi where the max. level is that she should cut to and she cut a bit shorter than that. I was hoping she would be more conservative with her shears. I can deal with the cut because I had a lot of hair to lose (she probably took off about 3 inches, a lot for me), but I do expect more. Also, having the "Deva Cut" in New York, I knew what was expected for cutting curly hair, and I felt that she started with the Deva Cut methodology but then started cutting my hair in a way I have not seen in years. While the services were cheaper than going to the headquarter salon in NY, I'm thinking I might head back that way when I need services again.