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Luvena Leslie Salon - New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Dec 22, 2011 - Normally I would not write a review however I had to say my peace. I went to this salon based on the reveiws on this board. A review mentioned that she does ALL types of hair. I recommend that before someone says this they check with the stylist first before posting. First I called and made an appointment explained what I wanted --wash deep condition, straight then cut to shape my hair. I specfically asked the receptionist if Luvena has worked with afro natual hair or african american hair (i.e. 4b/c) She asked me if I had curls? (really? )Anyway I told her yes and explained that my curls were very very tightly coiled. However when went you see the definition. Because I observe the Sabbath which means from sunset friday to sunset saturday I do not do anything (tthink Jewish). Anyway come to find out my schedule didnt match hers and it didn't work out. No problem thanked her and hung up. Well I get a call the next day saying that luvena was willing to do my hair after sunset saturday---SOOOO excited! It is nice that she sends an email to confirm the appointment with her address because again this was my first time and I live about 40 min away, had to pull out the GPS. Saturday comes and I can wait to get to the salon. I get there about 5 min late because Parking is not the best in that area. I only wait about 10 min since she had a client anyway. So she sits me in a chair and starts finger my twist (mind you Iknow I had to take them out) She give me this look and says I'm not sure I can straighten you hair? Errrrrr excuse me. She says that her flat iron will not get hot enough to make it straight, unless she uses a lot of heat. I'm like um my hair has been straight before and did not require a lot of heat. She says that its not going to work. I look at her like ummm yea. I just drove 40 min to get here. So I ask what can you do. She says she can wash it deep condition and sit me under the dryer. Then she says have you tried the Dominicans???? Um they use way too much heat. I said thank you and marched right out there....doing research to find a salon--15 minuets $0, talking on the phone with a receptionist during my lunch hour ---15 min $0 , driving 40 minuets paying the meter just to walk in and walk out---NEVER AGAIN!