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CAVALLARO & CO - Columbia, Maryland, United States
Amanda McMahon

Feb 01, 2010 - Thanks to Amanda, I love my curls again. Or rather, I love my curls now. My hair has never looked as healthy and styled (and so effortlessly, to boot!) as it does since I've been going to her. She's been my stylist for a few years and I've always left the salon very happy with the results. Before Amanda, I used to think all curly hair cuts were created equal; no matter who I went to or what they did, my hair always looked basically the same: just there and generally "blah". My first appointment with Amanda was the first time I experienced an actual STYLED cut, and it was fabulous. I hadn't known a distinguishable style was possible with my hair without going all '80s (I have very curly, thick, frizzy hair.) It's great, I get compliments all the time. I can wear it wild and crazy if I want, but a major thing for me was being able to make it look professional and polished for work, too. Before that was impossible with putting it up, but feels good being able to wear it down now and still look put-together. I have to admit that while I love style, I don't have at-home-hair-styling skills (or the patience) beyond a shower, throwing in some product, and blow drying (air drying in summer, since it takes no time.) What I really love about the style Amanda gives me is that I don't need to do hardly anything for it to work. And I don't even do everything she does in the salon, which isn't so much anyway. I just do the basic steps which are as simple as it gets. So I'm surprised by the earlier review, because if anything I'd think my cut requires MUCH less fuss than what most women do daily. I, personally, need some product for my curls to be, and stay, smooth and have structure. Not a lot, just gel or conditioner. I touch my hair constantly (BAD nervous habit) and I'm learning to stop, thankfully, because that's one of the big Deva Curl no-no's. And it does make such a difference. Amanda is a curl savant, in 3 years I've never been dissatisfied. (And if I'm not mistaken, her hair is curly, just not ringlet-curly. Being a stylist, I'm sure she wears it straight sometimes.) I really hope Amanda isn't planning to leave Cavallaro anytime soon, because I'm afraid of how far I'd travel to keep going to her. I can't go back to "blah"!