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Kinky-Curly Stellar Strands

Aug 23, 2014 - I gave this conditioner 5 curls because it exceeded my expectations, I say this because the past few weeks I have been deep conditioning my hair trying to recover from color damage. When i got this product, I expected just another regular moisturizing deep conditioner at least that's what the front label said. The night before I did do a light pre-poo to my hair but I don't take any credit away from this conditioner. The product does smell like glue from a arts and crafts project, but the smell does not bother me. The consistency is really thick, for some parts of my hair I had to add some more water just to work it through easier. Now since I had things to do I opted for the 30 minutes without the heat. When I rinsed the conditioner out, I was amazed as I said in the beginning I have been deep conditioning weekly for the past weeks but this conditioner showed me some love cause it rejuvenated my hair. It was like it put the other conditioners to shame cause I could feel and see the difference and I loved it. My hair soft,strong and full of lively curls. I am very pleased with this conditioner.

African Pride Natural Miracle Texture Manageability System

Aug 19, 2014 - I probably held out the longest on reviewing this product because I really wanted to see what it could do. My overall opinion is a thumbs down. I did not like this product, I felt like the process made it more difficult to complete my straightening process. The shampoo was not moisturizing at all, the leave in felt like glue on my hair. The finished results was the most softest blowout i ever had but I was shocked that I even had hair left at the end. I just purchased a new hair dryer so I do not think that was an issue. So i flat ironed and rocked my hair straight for a week. We had some very pleasant summer temps here in Maryland lately so the first couple of days were fine, until humidity showed up and it was over. I do not think this product should be used in the humid summer temps. This may be a good product for the spring and winter.

Carols Daughter Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Cleansing Conditioner

Jul 13, 2014 - For the past couple of months, I have been using regular shampoo, It has really been a long time since I have done a co wash. With that being said I dont know or I dont remember if my hair is supposed to feel the way that it did. My review of this product is I did not like it. First the smell is just too much and I am not stickler for scents, it was just too much perfume. Im not complaining about the slip that was fine. The problem i had was that my hair felt weighed down and coated. I even did 3 applications becuase I thought that my hair was just extremely dirty , I guess I was looking for that clean light hair feeling. The kind you get when you just did a really good shampoo wash and your curls are light and springy. This product my curls were just heavy and stretched as if I still had product in my hair.