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Pura Body Naturals Rhassoul Clay Hair and Body Conditioning Kit

| Daily Conditioner, Deep Conditioner

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Rhassoul Clay is formed under the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and has been used for it's therapeutic benefits for both hair and body. It's many uses included being used in soaps, shampoos,a skin, and Read More...
Moroccan lava clay

For hair conditioning recipe: 4 tbls clay, 1 tbls or 3 tsp of oil, and 4-5 tbls of any liquid of your choice. Mix together into a paste and apply throughout hair. Leave on for 20 minutes or longer. Rinse out thoroughly for soft, conditioner hair. Skin conditioning mask recipe: mix equal parts clay and liquid and apply to face. Allow mask to dry and rinse from the skin. Can be used weekly as a conditioner after shampooing hair. For skin conditioning apply weekly to reduce dryness and improve skin texture.
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