With a change of seasons in the air, it’s a great time to try some new products. Enhance your waves without breaking the bank with this blend of old favorites and new finds. They’ll make your routine ready for Spring’s warmer and rainier weather.


![10]10 Products for Wavy Hair to Combat Frizz


Bioterra Alcohol-Free Defining Gel

I first found out about this gel from Curly Susie who swears by it for her wavy/curly hair. I had been reluctant to try it because it does contain a small amount of glycerin which my hair does not usually respond well to, however, once I finally did try it, I wished I’d done so sooner. It has a lightweight, watery consistency that is easy to apply and does not weigh down hair. It creates a soft gel cast that can easily be scrunched out to reveal soft, shiny, touchable curls and waves. I like to use it to finger-coil. I fill the cap with the gel, dip my index finger into the gel, and finger-coil wet, conditioned curl clumps. When I am finished with the curl clumps, I flip my head over and scrunch in any remaining product.

![5]10 Products for Wavy Hair to Combat Frizz


Giovanni Cosmetics Mousse Air-Turbo Charged™ Hair Styling Foam

This light, airy styling foam will help form gorgeous clumps on wet hair. It also works as a refresher on 2nd day hair. It gives you just enough hold, and helps to add volume to limp waves. Just a few pumps will give you waves that last.


![2]10 Products for Wavy Hair to Combat Frizz


Renpure Originals Argan Oil Luxurious Conditioner

For smoother, silkier hair, this conditioner is a must. It has argan oil for stronger strands that resist breakage. Your hair will look and feel healthier and more voluminous.


![4]10 Products for Wavy Hair to Combat Frizz


Luster’s Pink Smooth Touch Smooth Edge Gel with Coconut Oil

Got flyaway edges? Smooth them down for a sleeker, more polished look. This edge gel contains coconut oil to help strengthen fine baby hairs and help them grow.


![8]10 Products for Wavy Hair to Combat Frizz


Cantu Sensitive Hypoallergenic Conditioner

If you suffer from dermatitis, you know how difficult it can be to find effective products. Cantu Sensitive Hypoallergenic conditioner will provide your hair with all the hydration it needs without causing your scalp to break out.


![9]10 Products for Wavy Hair to Combat Frizz


Bella Curls Coconut Creme CoWash

If you love a good cowash, here is one that you need in your life. It gently cleanses your scalp while leaving your hair moisturized and smelling fresh. A combination of moisturizing oils and hair health-promoting botanicals guarantee a good (co”>wash day. This luxurious formulation comes in a pump bottle, so it won’t slip away in the shower.


![3]10 Products for Wavy Hair to Combat Frizz


Mielle Organics Moisture RX Hawaiian Ginger Moisturizing Styling Gel

Streamline your routine with a styling gel that moisturizes your hair. It doesn’t flake, or leave your hair crispy. It also has a light, fresh, invigorating scent that you are sure to love.


![7]10 Products for Wavy Hair to Combat Frizz


Coconut Restore Styling & Setting Gelee

If frizz is a problem, this gelee has you covered. It provides the perfect balance of moisture and hold. Your waves will stay put all day with this light, coconut-oil infused styler.


![6]10 Products for Wavy Hair to Combat Frizz


CURLS Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste

Calm those flyaways and add sleekness and shine to your strands with this sweetly-scented pomade. You only need a dab of this Naturally Curly community favorite.


![1]10 Products for Wavy Hair to Combat Frizz


Sauce Beauty Intense Repair Shampoo Chimichurri Mint Tingle

This minty and invigorating shampoo will cleanse your scalp and calm the itch. It’s the perfect cleanser for getting the scalp back in balance while gently removing dirt and product from your waves to leave them bouncy and soft.

What is your favorite budget-friendly product? Let us know in the comments. Click here for some drugstore products for the Curly Girl Method.