Spooky Season is upon us and if you haven’t figured out the perfect creative Halloween costume that will leave your friends wishing they thought of it first, we got your back. For our 20th Anniversary we are bringing you 20 meme-inspired Halloween costumes that anyone can do.

Memes both old and new have the potential to make Halloween costumes that are unique, nostalgic, relatable, and of course, incredibly hilarious. In a world where humour exists online just as much as in real life (or more”>, why not bring some of these digital ideas to life?

We did our best to include some of the easiest-to-achieve meme costumes, as well as the most recognizable ones, ranging from 2018 meme content (i.e. Yodel Walmart Icon”>, to older and ever-relatable meme content (i.e. every single kermit the frog meme”>. So let’s keep it fun and not problematic this Halloween with these 20 meme-inspired costumes!

1. Joanne The Scammer

> “Rules to live by: Only help women. Only Scam Men.”

Joanne The Scammer is the hooded kermit in us all. If you don’t understand that metaphor this article may not be for you. All you need for this look is a faux fur coat, a quivering lip, your best caucasian voice, a messy wig and an even messier attitude.

2. Backpack Kid

The infamous backpack kid who revolutionized “The Russell”, most commonly known as flossing, now has over 2 million followers on instagram after a video of him dancing went viral.

All you need for this costume is a grey shirt, a backpack and an ounce(you really don’t need much”> of rhythm.

3. Black Man Holding Phone

This man was dragged to filth after being photographed at a rally for Darren Wilson. Twitter erupted with images of him holding his phone to his ear alongside tweets like “When your mom puts you in charge and your siblings don’t wanna listen to you” or “When your food delivery is supposed to be there at 7:30 and it’s 7:31”

All you need for this costume is a Blue striped polo shirt (you can literally find one at any Goodwill store in the country”>, a black phone or rectangular device, glasses, and a displeased face.

4. Walmart Yodel Boy (Mason Ramsey”>

First comes the viral video, then comes the hilarious meme content. The yodel boy who stole our hearts earlier this year with his rendition of “Lovesick Blues” is one of the most simple and hilarious meme costumes that anyone can rock.

All you need is white button-down shirt, a red bowtie, blue jeans, the biggest belt buckle you can find, and the confidence to yodel in public!

5. Salt Bae

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Salt Bae, aka Nusret Gökçe, a Turkish butcher, chef, and restaurateur became famous after his technique for preparing meat became an internet sensation.

All you need for this look is a white-tee, John Lennon-inspired sunglasses, salt, and of course his specialized technique of throwing seasoning.

6. Black Woman Squinting

This meme involves a woman squatting down hands on her knees, mouth agape as she perceivably looks in the distance for something. As always, the internet took this photo and ran with it, creating jokes ranging from “when you thought you aced the test and got a 42” to “when your optician asks, “Is option 1 or 2 better? 1. 2.’”

All you need for this look is a pink blazer, sunglasses with pink lenses, ripped black jeans, and a squat game on 100.

7. Bratz Doll with Wild Hair

This Bratz doll had a wild night, or took a very long nap, or maybe she just forgot to wrap her hair last night. Nevertheless, the internet had a lot of fun conjuring up ideas about what lead to the infamous photo where her makeup remained perfectly intact but her hair looked like she got electrocuted.

All you need to achieve this look is a full face of makeup, a pink scrunchy, and to put your hair up in the messiest way possible.

8. Cheerleader With Attitude

This 13-year-old cheerleader was serving some serious attitude at a cheer competition, and when she looked into the camera with a sassy look as a part of her routine, she quickly became an internet sensation.

All you need for this costume is a green cheerleading outfit including a bow, red lips, a high pony, and some serious attitude.

9. Arthur Fist

Arthur’s Fist is a reaction meme featuring a screen capture of the protagonist character Arthur from the children’s’ television show. This meme came to represent various infuriating or frustrating circumstances.

For this meme all you need is yellow sweatshirt, blue jeans, and a clenched fist.

10. Arthur Running

This meme captures the short-term and carefree bliss of knowing an action is petty or even wrong, and doing it anyway.

All this meme requires is a yellow sweatshirt, blue jeans, big glasses, bear ears, and a little pep in your step.

11. Tyra Banks (Hoe but make it fashion”>

The original joke comes from an America’s Next Top Model episode from 2008 where Tyra Bank says “Hoe, but make it fashion” as she seductively cups her breasts and then pushes her chest back and hunches over to depict a “fashion” versus “hoe” look. The internet turned this into several variations of the original sentiment, such as “feminism, but make it intersectional” and “wardrobe malfunction, but make it fashion”.

For this costume you just need a purple durag, a purple tank top, and to be able to hunch your back in and out throughout the night in case people ask who you are.

12. Cardi B as a Child

The iconic “My momma said..(insert funny anecdote from childhood”>” meme of Cardi B is one of my personal favorites of the year. The meme depicts a young Cardi B with one hand on her hip looking like she is about to run her mouth a little bit too loud.
All you need for this meme-inspired costume is a tube top and matching pants, a white collared shirt, your hand on your hip, and to pick out your hair with a part to the side.

13. I Love New York

New York also known as Tiffany Pollard, is a reality star that we will never forget. Her hilarious antics on “The Flavor of Love” and her spin-off “I Love New York” not only made for great reality tv content, but she gave us some of the most relatable meme content of all time.
For this costume you need a white tank top, pink tinted sunglasses, black leggings or jeans, a pillow to lean against, and to cross your arms and look straight forward like you’re waiting on that “we outside” text from your friends.

14. Spongebob Mocking

My favorite part about this meme is that is has transcended its own image, and now when I see handwriting this way I automatically know it’s referring to the Spongebob meme even if the picture is not present.
This costume is a little more of an investment because you will have to buy a spongebob costume (or make one if you are DIY savvy”>. However, since new Spongebob memes are coming up every year, it can be reused (see #15″>!
In addition to the Spongebob costume, you’ll need to make a poster with the phrase you are mocking.

15. Spongebob Tired

Technically Spongebob is naked in this version of the meme, but since that may cause problems at your office work party or wherever you plan to wear your costume, I recommend using any regular Spongebob costume. Then, all you have to do is appear tired and lean against any and every surface constantly throughout the party with one stretched-out arm (or at least for the picture”>.

16. Kermit Sipping Tea

The meme of all memes. The king of petty and the queen of “That’s none of my business.” This image has become so famous that words do not even have to accompany the picture for someone to get the point. Kermit is pictured sipping a piping-hot cup of Lipton tea while pointing out the hypocrisy or stupidity of a person or group. To create this costume on a budget, we ordered a green man suit from Amazon, frog sunglasses, and sourced a mug and some tea from our kitchen.

17. Evil Kermit

“Hooded Kermit,” also known as “Evil Kermit” points to our innermost demons or naughty thoughts. This is one of my favorite memes on the entire list because there are so many relatable versions. It’s like we all have the same inner demons!
For this costume you need the same green suit and frog sunglasses as above, and an additional black hoodie for evil Kermit. This could also work as a two-person costume.

18. Kermit Typing

This variation of the Kermit meme is meant for anyone who has ever said “I’m fine” followed by “I just think it’s funny how…” Kermit typing furiously represents all of us in some way. Whether it’s an argument with someone in the Facebook comments, an issue you are bringing up with your partner through text message, or a paper due at midnight that you started writing at 11pm, we can all relate.
This variation of Kermit requires the same green suit and frog glasses as above, in addition to a typewriter if you have the budget, or if not, just ferociously moving your fingers up and down to represent the movement of typing.

19. Kermit Exhausted

And for our last Kermit meme-inspired costume we have Kermit the Frog laying on his back on a bed, arms spread, knees bent, and looking straight at the ceiling. I like to think of this meme as the relateable feeling of doing one out of the many tasks you were meant to do in a day, and still feeling like you need a break.

This costume requires the same items as above, but instead of typing, all you need to do is lay exhausted on a bed. Told you these costumes would be easy.

20. Fighting Girl

If you haven’t seen this meme you won’t be the only one. This is the kind of meme-inspired costume only true meme addicts will know about, so if you’re looking for a fit that will weed out the frauds, this one is it.

All you need is a black bonnet, hoops, a pink tank top, and to square up with a slight smirk when you take the picture.

What’s your favorite meme? Let us know in the comments below and check out our hilarious video where editors dress up as memes!

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