Have you ever wondered about some of your favorite natural hair bloggers natural hair stories? We scroll through Instagram daily and see so many beautiful women and their curls, but what we don't know is their story. Behind every curl, there is a story. We asked some of our favorite natural hair bloggers to share their journey, holy grails, biggest lessons learned and top tips for moisture and definition with us.




Better known as Daye started her natural journey in 2011. Known for her vibrant personality and vibrant hair color. She has grown her Instagram following to 162,000 followers and YouTube over 179k!


Natural hair journey. . . 

“I started transitioning in 2011 and really didn’t get a handle on my hair until 2015, at which point I built a good relationship with a stylist who prioritized healthy hair and I started developing a personal routine for my hair and lifestyle then my hair started flourishing from there as well as my journey into being a natural hair blogger and influencer! There were times of insecurity, anger, and frustration starting off (even now there’s still the occasional frustration), but in the end, the journey has been empowering and brought me confidence.”


Holy Grail Products

“This really just depends on what my hair needs that week! If moisture is the goal, The Mane Choice’s Tropical Moringa Collection or Fortify’d Naturals is a go-to. For protein, I love Aphogee’s 2 Minute or 2 Step treatments and Hask’s Super Strength Leave-In Treatment. If I’m protective styling, Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp Oil is my go-to because it’s non-greasy and effective when it comes to preventing flakes and itches!”


Biggest lessons learned about healthy hair  

“The biggest lesson I learned was to focus on my hair and my journey. I spent years watching tutorials, copying YouTubers or my friends before it finally registered to me that maybe I need to stop trying to duplicate what others are doing and develop my own routine since that approach was clearly not going to work for me. Changing my focus helped me realize that products do not produce healthy hair by themselves, healthy hair starts and ends with a proper routine (cleansing, moisturizing, conditioning, treatments, etc.) and that’s what I try to share information on my platforms!”


Best Tips To Achieve Definition and Retain Moisture 

“I think the key to retaining moisture and achieving definition is learning your texture and it’s a game of trial and error. For moisture, it’s important to know how to layer your hair according to your texture. For example, I’m low porosity with fine strands which means my hair is stubborn when it comes to absorbing moisture and heavy products tend to weigh my hair down. So for me I get my best results I apply a leave-in, cream then a light-weight oil, whereas some with a different texture may need to apply their leave-in, oil, then cream last because their hair absorbs product differently from mine. The same applies for definition, you have to find the right products and methods for your texture! It could be something as simple as using more/less rods or working in bigger/smaller sections that could make or break the style you’re going for.”




@Heycrlie also known as Romance is started her natural hair journey in 2011. She has grown her Instagram following to over 102K followers. Her personality lights up a room and she can make friends in any room! 


Natural hair journey. . . 

“I’ve been Natural since 2011. I was transitioning and my hair matted while the shampooing my hair. When I was unable to detangle my hair, I decided to big chop. At the time I couldn’t afford to get my hair done weekly so I started to experience and learn my texture so I could do styles on my own. In 2014 I started to share my natural hair journey via Instagram  @HeyCurlie.”


Holy Grail Products

“My Holy Grail must-have products are Design Essentials Almond and Avocado Shampoo, EDEN Bodyworks Almond Marshmallow Split End Repair Masque and Camille Rose Almond Twisting Butter are my top right now.”


Biggest lessons learned about healthy hair 

“Some of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned about healthy hair is that it requires patience. It takes time to find the right products and get a routine which can be frustrating. After a few trials and errors, you’ll be off to a good start. Trust the process.”


Best Tips To Achieve Definition and Retain Moisture

“To achieve definition and moisture you need water, styling cream (I love custards because they provide moisture and hold) and an oil to seal in the moisture. Also, don’t be stingy with the product, something’s lack of product can leave the hair feeling dry.”




If you follow Kimberly online you will see that her personality shines through in all of her posts. She’s grown her IG account to over 41K followers and her Youtube to over 201,000 subscribers.


About her natural hair journey and what its been like 

“First I was relaxed, then relaxer free with heat damage and finally I transitioned into healthy curls. My natural hair journey has been amazing as every step of my journey has taught me something. I’ve been heat damaged, color damaged and I've experienced hygral fatigue and came out on the other side. Focusing on my natural hair has shown me a lot of patience. Of course, I've had a ton of what I considered my "ugly stages" but that’s the beauty of the journey.”


Her Must-Have Holy Grail Products

“My Favorite Brands and Collections at the moment are As I Am Naturally Coconut and The Mane Choice Tropical Moringa collections. I am big on great moisture and those 2 brands bring it. I also love a nice strong holding gel. My Go-To Gels are The Mane Choice Tropical Moringa, Style Factor & Eco Styler! They never disappoint.”


Biggest lessons learned about healthy hair 

“Too much of anything isn't always good. Things like heat, protective styles, and water aren't terrible for the hair but too much of it can actually harm your hair to the point of no return. Be sure to stay in tune with how your hair is reacting at all times. 

  1. What are your top tips to achieve definition and retain moisture?
  2. Shampoo your hair. If your hair isn't clean you cannot expect your moisturizer to penetrate into your hair strands. 
  3. Deep Condition.. after cleansing it’s time to add moisture so a good Deep Conditioner is exactly what you need. 
  4. Apply your leave-in IN THE SHOWER... this just may be the biggest tip I can give anyone especially if you have low porosity hair. The Leave-in absorbs much better like this. 
  5. Apply styling products on soaking WET hair. Water is moisture so do not avoid using it. I get my BEST results in the shower”