Do you wear hair extensions? We all know that hair extensions come in many different varieties from clip ins, sew ins, and wigs and much more. The newest and hottest trend is micro-link hair extensions. We wanted to get the 411 on micro-links so we spoke with stylist Janelle Sands to get some more information about Micro-links.


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What are micro-link hair extensions?

Janelle: Micro Links hair extensions are little beads that can be used to attach hair extensions.  It is considered a healthy technique because it does not include glue and in most cases, it also does not include braids. The technique is called micro-links because a micro piece of hair is pulled through a micro-sized bead, then, a strand of hair extension is added into the microbead and the bead is then clamped shut to hold the hair in place. Most stylists use individual pieces of hair but a track of hair can also be used.  This technique can last for up to two months or longer, however, it is recommended that the micro links should be tightened after 4 weeks. The risks of this style vary by client, those with thinning hair should not use this technique as it will add additional tension and “weight” to the hair follicles.


How do you care for micro links?

Janelle: You care for micro links as you would any other hair extensions.  When cleansing the hair it is best to do so slowly and gently with delicate care.  This style does not allow you to comb or brush the hair from root to tip. After 4 weeks it is best to re-tighten the micro links as the average client will see 1/4 inch to 1 inch of hair growth within a 4-week timeframe.


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What makes micro links unique?

Janelle: This technique can be seamless, and undetectable, it can also be light in comparison to other methods and most importantly, glue is not required.


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On average, how much do micro-links cost? 

Janelle: Prices vary based on your location and the stylist. They can typically run anywhere from $300-$700. 


How do I remove micro-links? 

Janelle: This part should be left up to your stylist. There are tools that you can purchase to remove them yourself but it is best to go to your stylist for removal.


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