I Tried a 14 Day Hair Detox on My Coily Hair with Innersense Organic Beauty

Image: @heyhellolauren

Clean beauty is all of the rage right now, but where does that leave the hair world? Or better yet, what hair products are out there that consider themselves to be “clean”? Enter Innersense Organic Beauty. Family founded after a medical diagnosis, Innersense came to life through a spiritual awakening, holding onto faith in dark moments, and a deep desire to foster a healthy environment. Their commitment to a clean lifestyle turned into a bevy of products designed to provide max hair health while using incredibly safe ingredients and turning your hair washing experience into a time of reflection & grounding.

I’ve been on my own health journey for the past 8 months or so now, and often times my hair has suffered as a result of misdiagnoses or not practicing as much self-care as I should be. When I was first introduced to Innersense, even though I was completely smitten with their concept, the sticker shock intimidated me a little bit. Still, I just knew I needed to see what they were working with. The kicker: Try a 14-day detox from all synthetic products, use their Renew Texture Hair Ceremony and enliven my way to feathery light, defined curls.


I Tried a 14 Day Hair Detox on My Coily Hair with Innersense Organic Beauty

Image: @Innersense

Hydrating Cream Hairbath & Conditioner 

One of the first boxes I like to check off of my hair products is how strong the scent profile is. Too heavily scented and my eyes are burning in the shower from synthetic fragrances, so my go-to is either no scent or extremely light. In both of these, Sage & Vanilla essential oils not only help power the scent profile, creating a “tranquilizing and relaxing ceremonial experience” – @innersense and coupled with this formula’s other powerhouse ingredients turn wash day into meditation goals. My curls LOVED the buttery feel of this cleanser/conditioner combo as well, as my hair didn’t feel stripped of moisture after rinsing out. I had clean hair that still had shine and was super pliable after only one round of washing.


Hydrating Hair Masque

Flaxseed & Tamanu Oils are the stars here for building a strong nutrient base for my hair to thrive. After cleansing with the Hairbath (literally, never using the word shampoo again lol“> and then following up with the conditioner, I went in with the masque for max moisture benefits. I wear my hair in a bun 90% of the time, so when I have a wash day to rock my fro, I like to create an entire experience out of prepping my curls. After leaving this on for about 15 minutes, my hair was super silky, still didn’t have a strong scent connected to it, and the flaxseed & tamanu oils infused my strands with Omega 3s & antioxidants to encourage strength and elasticity.  


Quiet Calm Curl Control

Alright. Here comes the true test. I was a little unsure of how this would perform because the texture is slightly thicker than what I typically go for, but it held its own for about a 4 days of frizz free hair and that’s through several spin classes! I was impressed by how lightweight it felt and how easily it can be combined with over products. No flakes whatsoever! I could mix this with the styling gel below or my DevaCurl Matcha Moisture conditioner and the buildup was almost nonexistent. Also major key: This product contains “Rooibos Tea [which contains] 50 times more antioxidants than green tea” – @innersense. Y’all, this brand is coming in hot with the formulations over here.


I Create Hold Styling Gel

This one was the winner of out of the entire hair ceremony for me. You know, I’m a bun girl, so anything to slick back the hair and lasts all day is a game-changer in my book. I found that with this product, I couldn’t do my typical rake method for my wash & go, so instead I mixed a small amount of the gel & curl cream in my hands and then smoothed it down my strands. This gave me soft definition, with medium hold. When it came time to put my hair up though, I felt like this product did a really great job of holding my edges down without me having to brush them a ton.


10/10 I would continue using this line, especially coupled with maybe doing a dietary detox as well for a full healing journey. Are you down for a hair detox?

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