If you’ve been watching our one-on-one interviews, you’ll know that Resa B. Luster is a natural hair expert who can’t be beaten!


She’s a mover and shaker in the industry who truly knows all there is to know about maintaining the health of natural hair.

In this video, we want to know: Can Resa tell the difference between her Luster products and a concoction of baby food and potatoes?

Watch this fun video to find out if Resa, Brand Manager at Large for Luster Products, Inc., knows her own products by scent alone!

WATCH Resa B. Luster Talks All Things Curly!

Moisturize Your Natural Hair

Resa’s challenge was to smell all of the following products from the Luster’s Pink Shea Butter & Coconut Oil collection:

Could you recognize your favorite moisturizers, cleansers, and stylers?

I have to say that I was super impressed with Resa’s ability to suss out Luster products from the strange concoctions we blended for her. She truly is an expert, and you can get a thorough glimpse into her natural hair prowess by checking out these expert articles she’s written for us:


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