As our days grow longer and the temperatures gradually tumble, we are prone to reflect on the year and its events. In these moments of reflection, we tend to list all the things we are grateful for: a happy family, great friends, and waking up to see a brand new day!

While all of these points of gratitude are fantastic, I’d like to challenge you to add one more item to your list: your dazzling, beautiful natural hair!

Styling Products for Curly Hair for Winter 2018

Image by Ben Weber/Unsplash

That’s right. I want you to bask in the glow and health of your natural hair because you and I both know that it’s hard out here for a curly girl trying to make sure every single curl is moisturized, hydrated, shiny, and properly styled on a daily basis.

You deserve praise for that, my friend. That’s why you need to treat yo’ self, and your best curl friends and family, to the Style & Grace Holiday Kit from Coconut Restore (only $10 on SHOP NaturallyCurly“> this winter.

The Style & Grace Holiday Kit

Show your curly, natural hair some appreciation with these six hairstyling products this holiday season. Keep reading to learn how to use each of these coconut oil-based styling products for curly hair!

Styling Products for Curly Hair for Winter 2018

Image by Kwayne Jnr/Unsplash

Coconut Restore Creme Conditioning Cleanser

Coconut oil is extremely effective when it’s used to lock in moisture. That’s why cleansing your curls with this creme conditioning cleanser is the first step you’ll want to take in your wash day and styling routine. Formulated to keep a healthy pH balance for your strands and scalp, this creme conditioning cleanser will keep your curls thoroughly moisturized no matter the style you choose to rock this winter.


CURL TIP: Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, adjust your application; use anywhere from a quarter-size puddle to as much as three quarter-size puddles of this cleanser on wet hair. Gently massage into hair and scalp, from root to ends, for at least three to five minutes, using your fingertips to gently loosen buildup and detangle knotted curls. Rinse your curls thoroughly with warm water. Depending on your needs, repeat this step. Then move on to your style.

Coconut Restore Coconut Cashmere Hair Softening Tonic

If you’re focused on using coconut oil for dry hair this winter, you’ll need this tonic. Here’s why: According to Senior Beauty Editor Ashley Weatherford of The Cut, “Coconut oil does not actually moisturize — no oil does — but used strategically, it can soften, add shine, and help repair dry hair.” This is good news because when you use the Coconut Restore Cashmere Hair Softening Tonic post-cleansing, you will improve the strength of your texture and increase manageability. This tonic also decreases breakage, which all curlies need.


CURL TIP: Apply this botanical blend of coconut oil, cashmere extract, peony flower extract, and polymers to freshly cleansed, sectioned hair. The tonic is perfect for daily use and for second- and third-day hairstyles!

Styling Products for Curly Hair for Winter 2018

Image by Maria Eduarda/Unsplash

Coconut Restore Texture & Volume Spray

For all textures, from wavy to kinky-coily, this volume spray brings life to your hairstyles, especially for those bigger-is-better looks. The spray is especially miraculous for curls and waves in need of body, volume, and frizz protection. 


CURL TIP: First things first: Shake it up! You want to make sure all the ingredients are mixed well. Depending on the hairstyle you’re going for, spray on either damp or dry hair from root to ends. Using your fingers or a hair pick, gently lift strands from the root and shape the style you want. You can either air dry or diffuse your curls to set your look!

Coconut Restore Coconut Cocktail Curl Mousse

No matter your texture, curl pattern, length goals, or desired hairstyle, you absolutely need mousse in your curly cabinet. You especially need one that is formulated with oil blends that coat your curls well enough to seal in moisture. The Coconut Restore Coconut Cocktail Curl Mousse does this and more. Protecting your curls from the arid temps that come with winter, this mousse adds coconut and moringa oil to your hair to give dry curls more sheen and softness while fighting frizz.

CURL TIP: To ensure that you don’t end up with flakes after the mousse dries, only apply two to three pumps to wet curls, then scrunch your curls from ends to roots. Managing Editor Cristina Cleveland likes to hold her head upside down for this move, and I must say that when I tried it that way, I loved the end result: juicy, beautifully defined curls. Simply style, air dry, or diffuse, and slay all winter long.

Styling Products for Curly Hair for Winter 2018

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Coconut Restore Triple Butter Moisture Cream

Those of us with curly hair need moisture and definition. What better way to achieve this than with thick, luxuriously textured hair butter! The Coconut Restore Triple Butter Moisture Cream gives you all of this with its blend of coconut oil, moisture-rich mango butter, and shea butter.

CURL TIP: If you’re going to apply this butter to damp curls, make sure you thoroughly squeeze it into your hair strands. You’ll need to section your hair, and apply the butter to either damp or dry hair. You don’t have to rinse it out because it’s a styling product that’s perfectly suited to keep your curls in check, especially if you’re planning to wear a twist-out, Bantu knot-out, or wash-and-go style.

Coconut Restore Moisture & Shine Mist

All winter long let your curls shine with the magnificent Moisture & Shine Mist, formulated with coconut and jojoba oils that curlies of all hair types can enjoy. Perfect for your second- and third-day looks, this mist balances your hair and scalp’s pH levels while enhancing curls’ natural sheen. Get this: It also fights frizz! You’ll definitely want to incorporate this lightweight mist into your winter routine.

CURL TIP: If you’re going for a high puff with juicy kinky-curls on top, spray the Moisture & Shine Mist onto wet hair. For dry styles like coifed waves and defined ringlets, spray the mist onto dry hair as a finisher.

This post is sponsored by Coconut Restore.

Styling Products for Curly Hair for Winter 2018

Image by Sai De Silva/Unsplash

This winter, show your curls nothing but gratitude and shower them in love with the Style & Grace Holiday Kit. It’s perfect for you! And at only $10 at SHOP NaturallyCurly, it’s a fantastic stocking stuffer for those curly friends and family members on your gift list.

As ever, stay curly!

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