Photo by Monaé Everett

Myha’la Herrold's been busy. She stars in the HBO workplace drama Industry and the slasher flick of the summer, Bodies Bodies Bodies, both of which premiered last week. And you may have noticed she's been rocking inspiring natural hairstyles on and off the red carpet too. 

We caught up with celebrity hair stylist Monaé Everett to see how she created Herrold's Bantu knot style for her latest photoshoot with Ssense, and to get the scoop on how you can create the look at home! 

Monaé loves to educate, she launched her "The Monae Life Academy" specifically to teach people how to style hair of all textures, and she recently released her second book "Get Out of Your Own Way." 

We love the asymmetrical look of Myha’la Herrold's Bantu knots, which were inspired by Monaé's "love of organic styles and odd numbers." 

"Another creative aspect of this hairstyle is the fact that the Bantu Knots are not in a singular line, we choose a more organic style than the ever so popular faux hawk." Keep reading to see how you can get the look at home. 


Photo by Monaé Everett

How to get the look

Step 1. Start with damp hair

To prepare the hair for this style simply shampoo and condition as usual. I used Qhemit Biologics Egyptian Wheat Grass Cleansing Tea and Moringa Tree Conditioning Gee. I styled the hair while damp.

Step 2. Create three sections (be creative!)

I divided the hair into 3 different size sections. The cool thing about Bantu Knots is that the creativity doesn’t stop with the knots. The creativity of this style continues with your sectioning.

The first part I created started at the arch of the left eyebrow and continued to top of the right ear creating a triangle. I then began another part from behind the top of the right ear to back of the left ear. 

Step 3. Braid each section

Then I created a three strand braid and wrapped them down onto themselves into bantu knots leaving the ends exposed. I used Qhemet Biologics Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter to smooth the 3 large braided Bantu knots. Plus this butter locks in hydration and makes the hair shine something fierce! 

Pro tip: For fuller bantu knots, add hair extensions. Choose a texture similar to your own and color that matches the ends of your hair.

Step 4. Leave the ends of the braids out

I secured the Bantu Knots with an elastic bands and bobby pinned the loose hair to the base of the Bantu Knot to give the hair added texture and display the lighter hair color.

Pro tip: To keep the ends of the hair luminous and tangle-free, add a serum like the Qhemet Biologics Coconut & Green Tea Softening Serum.

Photo by Monaé Everett

Watch Monaé Create the Look


Hair by Monaè Everett @MonaeArtistry

Makeup by Tim Mackay @timmackaybeauty