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Linwood Darkis, a hairstylist of 20 years, has amassed an enormous following on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram as @getglamfam by creating detailed breakdowns on styling all kinds of textured hair. Need some protective styling ideas for kids? A highly detailed wig review? Pro-tips on caring for understanding porosity and growth? Linwood’s content covers all of those bases and then some. As an educator who is dedicated to teaching a curriculum that considers all varieties of texture, Linwood even created his own line of hair mannequins with Type 4 curls—something that is rarely seen in hair education. 

When he’s not teaching professional classes, you can usually find him giving valuable hair advice and product recommendations in short, relatable (and often hilarious) educational reels.

We caught up with Linwood to get his take on the best wash-day products, from shampoos to stylers—read on for his affordable, salon-quality suggestions. 

What shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner are you currently using? What qualities about them made you add them into your routine?

Darkis: “I’m currently using the Giovanni 2Chic Ultra Moist line. Honestly the level of hydration your hair gets from it is amazing.The shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioning mask all work wonders, and it really is worthy of being used in salons, despite the fact that it’s price point is lower than most salon brands. It’s also a great line for people who are looking for less synthetics, and more organic ingredients, without a loud smelling formulation.”

Is there another wash-day product (that you're currently using or have used previously) that you absolutely love and use often either on yourself or your clients?

Darkis: “I was pleasantly surprised by the Dove Amplified Textures line! I had a client of mine ranting and raving about it, and I reluctantly tried the line and was shocked that they created a line that performed well for coils, kinks, and curls! (Dove also supports the CROWN Act, which is a win/win for me)."

“I literally recommend the Giovanni 2Chic Ultra Moist line to everyone, like, they should have me on payroll at this point! (The styling elixir–which is technically a leave in–is great too.)”

If you had to choose one, what would you say is your current favorite styling product (any kind of styling product. Styling mousse, gel, leave-in, curl butter, etc.)? What do you love about it and is there a specific type of curl pattern that would benefit the most from it?

Darkis: “One of my go to favorites is Wetline Xtreme gel. It used to work exceptionally for all hair types, and then they changed the formulation, so while it’s still good, and very affordable in stores, it doesn’t get along with as many hair types as it used to. One of my favorite things about their gel is that it reactivates when you get it wet.”

Are there any styling products that you would recommend all curly hair types to try?

Darkis: “A product that works nicely for nearly every hair type (when you are looking for a lightweight, no crunch product) is The DOUX’s Mousse Def. It’s almost always sold out at my local store, and for good reason, as it performs rather well; plus, it’s a Black-owned line, and several of their other products have rather rich formulations that coat each strand in moisture.”

If you haven’t already, make sure to follow Darkis's Instagram account and YouTube channel for all manner of vital hair tips and genuine commentary.