Calling all curls: this one’s for you. It’s time to talk about haircuts, which come in many different shapes and styles. There’s no such thing as one single curl pattern. Even on your head, you have several different curl patterns. Nonetheless, your curls deserve to thrive, and there are endless ways to style them. Whether you’re searching for the best haircut for your hair or struggling to deal with your rebel curls that refuse to stay in place, in today’s blog, I’ll be sharing five different curly haircuts to choose from for manageable and impressive-looking hair every day to try to make your life easier, plus, I reached out to a few professional Curly Hair Stylists, who were so gracious to share some of their best tips on how to prep for a haircut, what happens during a consultation, and being clear on your hair goals are, etc.

Types of Curly Hair Cuts

Deva Cut

Top Curly Haircuts According to an Expert

Image Source: @_cicichanel_

This dry-cutting technique, conceived by Lorraine Massey, the author of “The Curly Girl Handbook,” is based on the idea that we wear our hair dry, so why not cut it that way too? By cutting the hair dry, in its natural state, stylists can cut the curls where they fall naturally and thus create a beautiful shape. The curl pattern and density are analyzed to determine where on the head to begin elevating and creating layers. You and your stylist design the cut and shape.

Ouidad Cut

Top Curly Haircuts According to an Expert

Image Source: Hairstylist Julisssa Maldonado

This is a wet-cut technique with the philosophy being that curls are not consistent daily, so when you get them cut wet, your curls are being shaped into a pattern that will create movement and consistency. Ouidad has a patented method known as the ‘Carve and Slice’ technique. Hair is either carved, removing more hair typically on tighter, thicker curls or sliced, removing less hair to create volume and shape on finer, looser curls. Ouidad believes that by skillfully carving and slicing curly hair, the stylist can create a hair shape that causes the curls to cascade and fit together like pieces of a puzzle to ensure a consistent and flawless style every time you go in for a cut.

Rëzo Cut

Top Curly Haircuts According to an Expert

Image Source: @nubiarezo

Created by Master stylist and curl expert Nubia Suarez. The most noticeable difference between a Deva cut and a Rezo cut is that “The Deva cut focuses on framing your face, while the Rezo cut maintains an even length around your head. It liberates the curls from the root area so they can move about freely meaning— if you straighten a DevaCut, your hair may appear to be uneven, while the Rezo Cut will look even in both a curly and straightened state. The Rezo Cut is also perfect for curlies who love their length, as it creates shape while maintaining both length and volume.

RI CI Cut- This cut was created by Ricky Pennisi, known as “The King of Curly Hair.” He bases his technique on hair weight and density rather than curl pattern. This method is performed on wet hair and works on all textures, thicknesses and lengths. The stylist begins by determining what the problem area is, hair is then worked on in individual sections and cuts are made only when necessary. After each cut, the hair is shaken out to ensure that the hair lies properly before tackling the next section.

Youtube video of RI CI Cut technique.

Mona Cut

Top Curly Haircuts According to an Expert

Image Source: @themonacut

Best described by Master Stylist, Mona herself, “ The Mona Cut works with your hair’s natural texture and motion, in order to enhance the beauty that’s already there. Strong but fluid, the goal is to create shapes that suit your lifestyle and reflect your journey.”

Tips from the Pros

Curl Specialist and Celebrity Stylist, Christin Brown

“As a professional stylist, prepping for our haircut session is absolutely pivotal in hitting a picture-perfect result. I love to follow the mantra of the 3-D’s; arrive for our session detangled, down, and dry. Because I cut my guest’s hair dry and in its naturally curly state, seeing how they wear their hair and how their curls live is key. I will also ask them questions during our in-chair consultation such as how they wear their part in their hair, what colors or patterns would I find in their closet at home, as well as what makes them feel sexy when going out. These direct questions help me paint the picture of who is sitting in my chair and what their personality may reflect. My end goal is to see how I can then translate that into the custom and one-of-a-kind haircut for them. Trust me, it matters.”

Curl Artist and Texture Expert, Daisy “Daze” Henson

  • Best tips on how to prep for a haircut:I ask my clients to wash, detangle and style their hair the day before their appointment. I also want them to come in with their curls defined with the products they typically use. This allows me to see the results they get at home so that I can help them improve on their styling process and also upgrade the products they are using for their curls. I request that they allow their hair to air dry or dry with a diffuser. Clips, hats, twist outs and pulled back styles are a no-no. They can prevent me from seeing the client’s natural curl pattern and complicate the process.
  • On the importance of a consultation:This is the perfect time for the client to ask all of their questions. I tell them to bring a list or snap a few pics of the products they use. Bring inspiration pictures to help convey your vision and hair goals.
  • On understanding your hair goals:Make sure your client understands your collaborative vision with them. Be honest with what you can deliver and also what you can’t. Your client also needs to understand that when you cut any amount of hair, their curls are going to have a certain amount of shrinkage because of removing weight. Make sure they are comfortable with how much hair you plan to cut. If your client has damaged hair, don’t assume they are ready for a “big chop”.

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