HonestLizHere Named Best Blogger for Curly Hair of 2020

Loving your naturally curly hair is a journey rooted in self-love, compassion and grace. Even though there will be times of frustration, especially in the beginning when you’re still learning how to care for your natural texture, you can always rely on our supportive community of curlfriends to provide words of encouragement to keep you focused on your journey. 

Blogger, Elizabeth Alex, aka @honestlizhere, is a curly girl from India that has a passion for sharing hair tips, techniques, product reviews and recently got trained by the creator of the Curly Girl Method, Lorraine Massey to cut and style curls in India. 

Her motto is “serving and saving curls worldwide” and is doing just that by sharing her knowledge with over 100k curlfriends around the world. This year she was voted the best blogger for curly hair by our NaturallyCurly community in the Best of the Best Awards

Keep reading to learn more about her journey to loving her curls and the top techniques she has created to help curlies embrace their naturally curly hair.

What was it like growing up with curly hair?

I always had my hair short for better management I assume, but it didn’t help me get into school dances or plays. It was heartbreaking to watch girls with long straight hair get everything their way so easy. 

HonestLizHere Named Best Blogger for Curly Hair of 2020

When did you decide to embrace your natural curls?

I’ve always embraced them, but just didn’t know how to care for them properly. In 2017, I was going through postpartum depression. To cheer me up my mother took me to a local salon where after spending hours at the “hair spa” , I experienced protein overload. It was a devastating experience, but that was also the “aha moment” to figure out that these salons were not for curly hair. So I decided to research and fix my hair myself. That’s when I found the CG Method.

What has your curly hair journey taught you about yourself?

The process was hard, expensive, and time consuming, but my curly hair journey has made me realize that I am worth it! I finally love my body for what it was created, and caring for it brings me joy. 

What techniques have you learned throughout your hair journey that keep your curls at their best?

I created techniques like the 123 Gel Method  , which gives me great definition and volume! Also, after experimenting, my DIY oat conditioner, Hair Teas, and rice water rinses have enhanced my curl pattern and using Olaplex no.3 and styling over it has helped me a lot too. But the biggest game changer for me has been deep conditioning, twice a week! 

HonestLizHere Named Best Blogger for Curly Hair of 2020

What was a hair mishap you experienced in your journey and what did it teach you?

The protein overload I mentioned earlier was my first, but many others followed after too. These hair mishaps have always been lessons for me. I love analyzing washdays and experimenting. So any mishap now is a stepping stone I gladly welcome! 

If you had to share one tip with curlies what would it be?

As Lorraine Massey says, “put back what you take out”. So if you clarify your hair, deep condition after! Similarly, when you use oils or butters, make sure to take it out also. It’s all about balance. 

What are your holy grails & what makes these products stand out?

Only Curls London products mainly for how they smell and make my hair feel, it’s the perfect shine and hold for me.

What is your go-to styling technique for definition?

These days I love the simplicity of the Flip Coat Scrunch method! I learned it first hand from Lorraine Massey when I met her this year in Dubai.

What advice do you have for those who are new naturals?

Take it one washday at a time. 

Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra is the Editor in Chief at NaturallyCurly who is an advocate for women entrepreneurs and inclusivity in media. Alexandra is passionate about empowering women to share their story and walk in their purpose. She is the founder of Queens Conquer, a branding and consulting firm for women in business. She strives to be a role model for girls and volunteers her time mentoring today’s youth to share her journey and importance of self-love, sisterhood and living limitlessly. In her spare time, you'll find her brunching with friends, hiking in the hills and cooking cajun cuisine.

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