Are natural skin care products as beneficial as natural hair care products are?

Like many of you, I have this whole natural hair thing down. I don't use products with silicones (usually!), sulfates or parabens. I know more about hair care ingredients than I do the Table of Elements. I can honestly say that my hair does better on a CG method when I'm co-washing and using silicone-free products than it does temporarily when I give in to silicone-infested products. I KNOW hair care, especially my own hair care, but even that of other's. I find myself at random bars on a Saturday night immersed in a conversation with a coily or curly gal, explaining to her what she should do for HER hair type, and why it wouldn't work for mine.

All of that is great and cool, but over the past six months, I've seriously had to start diving into natural skin care which is a whole other ballgame. I've never had skin problems. Sure, a pimple here or there, but nothing drastic. Then, last December, after a lifetime of not being a makeup person, I decide that I want to invest in some nice makeup. So I buy SmashBox, and a week later, I'm more broken out than I have ever been — and to this day it hasn't gone away!

I've tried everything. Changing cleansers, toners, correctors, going to facialists, changing makeup, cleaning brushes, buying NEW brushes, and TODAY I'm going to spend some serious cash that I don't have on more products because someone somewhere online said that it works.

In my quest to do this, I've decided to come to you, natural hair community, and ask: what products do you use? Are they sulfate, paraben and oil-free? Will natural skin care products be as beneficial to me as natural hair care products were? Is the price worth it?

Mostly, I'm asking this: as a natural hair community, is everyone also gung-ho about natural skin care? And if so, help a sister out!

Tracey Wallace

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I've heard mineral makeup is the best of the best, but I'm not much of makeup girl myself, so I don't have any brands to recommend. But as for natural skin care, I think it's just as beneficial as natural hair care products. You don't want those kinds of chemicals on your hair or your skin, and especially your skin since it absorbs sooo much more than your hair does! Personally I use something you've probably never heard of, Carlyle Farm products, and they work wonders for your skin. But when looking for skin care products stick to something simple and natural. You can even make your own oil blends for your skin and stuff. Some oils help fade scars and clear up acne, so that could help with that breakout you got the other day. And I've even heard of people making their own makeup. You should look into it!

Thank Touch.of.Ink - any mineral make up brands you recommend? I use some products from the Bare Minerals collection, but not many. Right now, I've switch to Clinique Age Defense Cream w/ SPF 30, and Laura Mercier Blush, then Bare Minerals Pure Radiance and Minerals Viel. As far as face wash and creams, Nonnie, I started using Philosophy stuff - and it seems to be working, granted, it has only been a couple days! Any thoughts on that brand - other than it is soooo expensive? Thanks in advance!

I switched from Clinique's 3 step acne system to Shea Moisture's Organic system for acne prone skin. Out has only been two weeks and I love it so far. It works just as well as Clinique but evens my tone better and fades the acne scars.

Mineral make up all the way! (Not all brands are equal.) They're the only thing that doesn't break me out.