Best Summer Dresses for Your Hair Type

2012-05-23 12:05:18

Best Summer Dresses for Your Hair Type

Your hair type and pattern can be a major deciding factor is what type of summer dresses look best.

Photo courtesy of Anthropologie.

Curly Color Blocking

With type 3 curly hair, you already have enough definition and curl as it is. Adding bold pattern close to your face will take away from your texture and put the attention on the dress, rather than show off your ringlets. Too much pattern with a curly texture can be overwhelming also, so the best summer dresses for curly hair use monotone colors that are color blocked to give a fun touch of color without an in-your-face pattern.

Our favorites:

  1. Budget: Colorblocked Combo Dress, Forever 21, $17.80
  2. Splurge: Ribbed Chevron Maxi Dress, Anthropologie, $148
  3. MUST: Beach Emma Too Fer Dress, Free People, $88.80
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Tracey Wallace

Tracey Wallace