Ladies, say goodbye to long, flowy A-line maxi dresses and plunging necklines and hello to jaw dropping, eyebrow raising, thigh-high slit dresses. Now that you've got your cool summer hairstyle, it's time to try this summer's latest fashion trend.

But there are prerequisites for showing those legs off, and they should be followed closely in order to obtain the sexiest look possible. Thigh-high slit dresses exude sex appeal, so here's how to get those perfect legs to pull off this hot look!

Who's Wearing These Daring Slit Dresses?

Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston are showcasing their long, lean, perfect legs. Together with a pair of designer high heels, this summer 2011 trend is eye-catching. Fortunately, celebrities aren’t the only one who can pull off this stunning look.

Getting Perfect Legs for Your First Thigh-High Dress

This type of dress definitely isn’t a throw-on-and-go sort; a thigh-high slit dress demands preparation.

“This look is definitely not for the shy or reserved," says Mike Sendogan, Clinical Director of LaserTouch Aesthetics in New York City. "If you plan on having all eyes down—on your legs that is—they should be smooth and unblemished."

LaserTouch Aesthetics offers four ways to get perfect legs for your thigh-high slit dress debut.

Angelina Jolie
  1. ORGANIGLOW Organic Spray Tan Tanned legs accentuate the long line of a slit dress and glowing tanned skin is a great camouflage for veins, scars, dark spots or cellulite. This spray tan service is 100% organic and FDA-approved without odor, alcohol or parabens. The ORGANIGLOW Organic Spray Tan provides a natural-looking tan that develops over time.
  2. Laser Treatment for Spider veins While tanning our legs may hide our spider veins, some opt for a more permanent solution —laser treatment. Spider veins are veins that resemble a spider’s legs, with a center point and several lines stemming outward of that location. A laser treatment can heat the inside of the flawed vein and seal it shut; this will essentially banish the bulging appearance. Laser treatment can significantly improve the skin’s appearance, encouraging ladies everywhere to bare their perfect legs again.
  3. Skin Tightening with Laser Treatment As one ages, the skin becomes loose as it loses its elasticity. Laser skin tightening can tighten old, loose skin so that it appears youthful again. Laser skin tightening treatment changed since the early 1990’s and the new, non-ablative technology allows the skin to be tightened to a greater degree resulting in a more youthful result.
  4. Laser Hair Removal Sick of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, painful waxing sessions and constant time spent shaving? Laser hair removal is a non-invasive method to remove unwanted hair permanently.

    "The legs and bikini area are two of the most common areas for laser hair removal,” said Sendogan. "The bikini area is extremely sensitive, and shaving this area usually results in a painful, unattractive rash.”

Choosing a Thigh-High Slit Dress

After one’s legs are prepped, choosing the perfect thigh-high dress for one’s body type is just as important as the preparation that goes into wearing it. The best thing about this dress cut is that there are endless variations, so finding a style and/or print that matches one’s individual style is simple.

Designers do recommend, however, that more petite frames should shy away from the style as it has the tendency to make them look podgy.

Getting perfect legs for this season’s sexy thigh-high slit dress is the first step to a jaw dropping result. You go girl!