When caring for your skin, watermelon is usually not the first thing that comes to mind.


However, watermelon actually has surprising benefits for helping to keep your skin healthy. The fruit is full of important vitamins which can be used to treat multiple skin conditions and is incredibly hydrating. If you are looking for something new to incorporate into your routine to maintain healthier skin, here are the top 5 reasons why watermelon could be your answer.

1. Rich in vitamins

Think of watermelon as a giant cocktail pill of vitamins. Watermelon contains vitamins of A,C, and B6, all of which are great for helping you to maintain firm, soft, healthy and fresh skin. The vitamin C not only helps to protect from sun or air pollution exposure, but can even help to balance out your skin complexion, too. The vitamin B6 that this fruit contains can even help clear up your skin if you suffer from acne. Vitamin A and C are other important nutrients that help protect your skin from infection and sun exposure. Additionally, these vitamins can even help us to age gracefully -- after all, getting saggy and wrinkly skin is not something the majority of us are looking forward to. Surprisingly, the vitamins A and C in watermelon are great for helping to fight against the woes of aging like sagging and wrinkly skin. watermelon may be the secret to having lasting youthful looking skin.

2. Naturally tones

Another fun fact about watermelon is that the fruit itself can be used as a toner. You can literally take a slice and rub it all over your skin. The cool feeling of the melon's juices easily soak into your skin and can feel incredibly refreshing.

3. Hydrates skin

One of the simplest ways to take good care of your skin is to stay hydrated. As we know, being dehydrated is not fun, you feel like crap, your skin gets flaky, dry and itchy. Watermelon is a great pick-me-up as it contains so much water. In addition, consuming water in general is a great way to help the body rid itself of toxins. Remember, a healthy body means healthy skin!

4. Balances oil production

If you have very oily skin, watermelon might especially be helpful to try. The vitamin A works to shrink your pores to help fight against the excess secretion of oil that your body produces.

5. Naturally moisturizes

Not only will watermelon hydrate you, but it can also be an incredible moisturizer for your skin in keeping it soft, firm, and glowing.

As you can see, watermelon can give you so much more than just a tasty summer snack. This magical fruit is full of benefits that we wouldn't even think of. Everything from fighting excess oil, protecting, hydrating, and moisturizing.

Do you try to use natural ingredients for maintaining healthier skin? Let me know in the comment section below.

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