Luscious lips like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Garner are constantly sought after, but rarely duplicated. What’s a girl to do if she wants fuller, natural-looking lips? Dr. Myint, a Las Vegas plastic surgeon, shares some of his recommendations for achieving perfectly bee-stung lips that don’t scream enhancement.


  1. Proportions are crucial. The bottom lip should be at least twice the size of the top lip. An even set of lips is a “dead giveaway to those wondering if you’ve had work done,” says Dr. Myint.
  2. Less is more. In the first stages of lip enhancement, Dr. Myint suggests being as conservative as possible. Lips that go from thin to over-sized overnight are not easily overlooked.
  3. Know when to say NO. “Almost all lip enhancements are temporary,” says Dr. Myint, “so you will lose the volume after several months. One of the problems with this is lip enhancement can become a slippery slope. Most patients want to go larger than before, and don’t know when to stop.”  So with each enhancement, stick to a subtle increase in volume that doesn’t look cartoonish.
  4. Be prepared for downtime. After an injection, your lips will swell more than you expected. The swelling will go away in a few days time, but you might want to schedule time off work or away from friends to allow your lips to heal.
  5. Refer to your youth. “The key is to return youthful volume to the lips. We cannot double or triple the size of your lips beyond what you originally had; otherwise the look becomes unnatural,” says Dr. Myint. Lips lose volume as you age, so any sign of your lips being fuller than your younger lips is an obvious sign of enhancement.

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