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In preparation for one of the most important days of your life, it is wise to research the best wedding tips for your big day. Although this changes from bride to bride, most women are especially concerned about not only their look, but their bridal parties’ as well. Unless you’ve had a wedding or planned one, many single women are pretty inexperienced with the daunting task of planning a wedding. So here are some tips to guide you through scheduling hair styling services for you and your bridal party. 

Know what you want

All hail the Yoda of weddings: Queen Pinterest! Now is your chance to have a guilt-free Pinterest fiasco. Spend a healthy measure of your creative energy on building a wedding board. Include photos of hairstyles that you love, bridesmaid gowns you adore, makeup, and venues that speak to you. The big day rests on your vision, so be thorough in your self-exploration and prepared to pitch your vision to your support team; this is the toughest most critical part of your process. Your vision is the launch pad for creating the wedding of your dreams.

Research your hairdresser

If you have a hairdresser that has been doing your hair since you were three years old and you know she can create the images you seek, book her! However, each stylist has his or her own unique niche and some specialize in wedding styles and others do not. Consider at least three stylists with great wedding reviews from your peers, or online sites like WeddingWire. When considering your wedding stylist, ask the following questions:

  • Is there a portfolio of wedding photos I can review?
  • Are there wedding packages or bridal specials? 
  • How often have you styled my hair texture?

Book early

When you begin to hear the answers that fit your vision and budget, book a consultation with your chosen stylist. Do not be fooled, the sooner you book, the better. According to Statistic Brain, there are over 2 million weddings per year, most of which are typically held on a weekend, which leaves little time to dilly-dally around with dates and times. Small towns could possibly get by with 3-6 months advanced booking, but larger cities tend to require more time for sought out hairdressers.

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Schedule a consultation and trial

Both choices are highly recommended. Although it is essential to book a consultation, the trial is optional. Your consultation will give you the face-to-face interaction with the stylist. It can be easy to judge the credentials of a person online, but nothing beats in-person engagement. Remember to bring photos of your dress (or pin board), bridesmaid gowns, your veil, and other hair accessories. On the other hand, scheduling a bridal trial is effective for teaming up with the stylist to ensure you get your best look. Take photos of the styles she or he creates from every angle and bring a trusted friend along to help you debrief your experience thereafter. An experienced stylist can accomplish the job in one trial. While multiple trials are always an option, each usually requires additional fees.

Put it in writing 

Consider putting everything in writing. A contract is a great way to communicate the details, leaving little room for forgetful human error. The contract should include a detailed description of the services, fees, booking dates, times, styling location, cancellation policies, and all expectations of the stylist and the bridal party, including expected hair preparation (usually clean and dry for styling). If the salon has their own contract, add your specified requirements in the notes or special provisions section of the contract.

Be open and honest

Be realistic with your expectations. Know that your stylist will work her magic, but she cannot perform magic; transforming you into something you are not. Instead, she should work with you on creating the best representation of you. Be open to suggestions and trust the expertise of experienced individuals while understanding that you have the final say. Be prepared to communicate your needs and desires in your own way.

With research and best practices, you will have the results you seek. Enjoy being the CEO of your big day!