1. Managing to sit in the first or second row of every show I attended. NaturallyCurly.com is certainly on its way up the beauty ladder but unfortunately we are still not quite at the Vogue level of hair. Yet, for some mysterious reason I still managed to snag first and second row seats for nearly everything I've attended.
  2. Having to use port-a-potties. You would think at a venue this large and with so many VIPs walking around, the organizers would have invested in a slightly higher-end version of a portable bathroom.
  3. Miss Jay

  4. Male models with curly hair. For male models, hair gets shaved, slicked back or adorned with some sort of strange headgear, but this year was a different story. I saw more curls and texture on male models than I did on most female models walking down the runway. Check out the curls on these boys from Buckler.
  5. Miss Jay

  6. Miss Jay, a judge from America’s Next Top Model, wearing jeans and a t-shirt to fashion week. This overly flamboyant, over-the-top dresser arrived to the biggest fashion event of the year in a simple pair of jeans and black t-shirt.
  7. Miss Jay

  8. Silly Bands. Yes, this schoolyard trend was hitting it big at the tents of Lincoln Center. Sponsor Starbuck’s Frapuacino was giving out an assortment of hearts, stars, high heels and even mini frappuccino bottles to the high-class patrons of Fashion Week.