Weird beauty trends that show the high price of looking good.

Sanding Hair Away

No pain, lots of hair gain!

While we understand that tweezing, threading, shaving and waxing hair off of our bodies isn’t ideal, but sandpaper—well, that seems worse.

During the Renaissance, people would use depilatory creams made from home with arsenic and quicklime.

The most shocking technique occurred in the 1940s when women used sandpaper to remove unwanted body hair. Ouch!

Drawn-On Eyebrows

Heck, some are even stick on!

Made popular by Annette Funicello in the 1950s, this shaved off brow look creates a harsh brow line on the forehead. Many runway models, and celebrities such as Pam Anderson, have adopted this weird beauty trend.

In fact, now, many women are opting for tattooing the brow on. We hate to call out our fair-haired sisters, but come on—the idea is a little weird.

Deadly Lips

In nature, red does mean stop...

Cleopatra herself popularized one of the most outrageous beauty trends in history. She made perhaps one of the first ever lip plumping concoctions—it consisted of beeswax, ants and beetle blood. After crushing the ingredients and mixing them, the concoction was applied to the lips.

The look gave the red lipstick appearance women still love today, but many experts agree that Cleo’s mixture was poisonous. This sure makes fish scales in lipstick seem like kid's play.

Crimped Hair

Oops, they did it again.

Remember going to bed as a kid with wet, braided hair and waking up with that oh-so-popular crimped look? For kids, the look is quick, easy and takes hairstyle woes off parents during a quick and busy morning rush.

However, in the 1990s, crimping irons began showing up in malls across America, and musicians such as Alanis Morisette and Brittany Spears took the trend to an extreme by showcasing their crimped, long, frizzy locks in music videos, at award shows and in pictures none of us will ever forget. What a frightening sight!

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