Hello there! My name is Nina Sultan. I currently live in Wisconsin for college but am originally from Bloomington, Illinois.

I am very friendly and open minded. I love meeting new people and making new friends. In my free time I enjoy painting, watching movies, photography, video editing, music, and am a complete sucker for the great outdoors. My ultimate passion in life is traveling. I've already been to six different countries outside of the states and hope to go to many more in the years to come. That's the biggest dream on my bucket list currently but besides traveling the world, I also hope to find a job one day that I love.

I enjoy fashion but I have my own simple and unique style. I tend to be attracted to vintage and retro styles of clothing. My hair is thick and curly and is between a 2c and 3a hair type. Even though now I adore my curly hair for a long time I used to hate my curls. I wanted straight hair for years.

I bought a straightener but I didn't have the patience to straighten my hair everyday. It takes hours to do, and I never really felt like myself with straight hair. After a while I just threw up my hands and realized that my hair is curly and therefore I should let it do its thing instead of trying to get my hair to do things it was not meant to do.
Now I have truly begun to embrace my natural curls and wouldn't have it any other way. I definitely feel more like myself.

I hardly ever straighten it anymore. I always enjoy changing hair styles. For example I got a buzz cut last year and am now in the process of growing that out almost 11 months later. I also enjoy experimenting with makeup even though I tend to like a more simple and natural look.

The best piece of advice I have received is, "never be afraid to be yourself"--and I take that to the heart.

However, if I could change one thing about myself, I would choose to be a more confident person. I am extremely soft-spoken and shy but I'm trying to put myself out there and be more outgoing. While there are many inspirational people in my life what inspires more than anything is seeing someone who is incredibly talented and dedicated in doing something that they love. That motivates me to try and find that out for myself.

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