Editor’s Note: You hear a lot of "what did you put in your hair?" and "I love your shoes!" around the NaturallyCurly offices. Personally, I am always finding inspiration in what my colleagues are wearing to the office and on their Instagrams, so we're starting a new series to share what we're loving with the rest of our community - beyond our hair! #OOTD - Cristina Cleveland

As mentioned in the first installation of my #OOTD story, I am a fan of dark colors. The jet black jumpsuit I like to wear in professional settings perfectly reflects that. The one item you do not see here is a blazer because Austin, Texas is dramatically hot and I do not need to cover my shoulders in 103-degree heat, thank you very much.

Sure, I like to wear black during the summer because I have air-conditioned, room temperature-controlled privilege, but at least I admit it. Plus, I think that black adds an element of instant sophistication to everything!

Style tip: Pair pearly whites with black outfits ;)

Tell us about your hair, what products are in your hair? How did you style it?

Styling my hair into an Afro was no small feat, but thanks to wearing Bantu Knots, the time to get this non-heat styled halo of curls was well worth it!

In order to release the knots with no breakage of my ends, I emulsified about a dime-sized amount of Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Balm in my hands. With oil-covered fingertips, I gently unraveled the knots and separated a few of my hair strands. Using my favorite hair pik, I lifted the curls from the root to create fullness. Do you use this technique, as well? #NeverStopLearning

Workplace tip: Stay positive and engaged at work!

Describe your style in 5 words:

Ummmmm...... well, even if it does not come across as such in the workplace, I would say: Cool, spontaneous without quirks, dark. Yes, that is a 5-word style declaration.

If you could raid anyone's closet, who would it be?

Without a doubt: David Bowie.

Runner-up: Grace Jones.

Honorable mentions: Cersei Lannister (I know, I know... but she can dress, girl), Zoë Kravitz, Tilda Swinton, Jimi Hendrix, and Prince.

Do you have an outfit formula that you stick to?

K-I-S-S: Keep it simple & sexy.

The simplicity is in the clothing choice. The sexy is in the attitude, vibe, and intellect.

Do you like to dress up, or dress down?

Both, although I do not do either in equal measure. When I dress down, I try to keep a few of my favorite comfy tee shirts in rotation. This is very easy to do in the winter time, especially because I can layer a tee with a blazer or clever hats. In warmer months, I mix it up with lightweight tees and button-down shirts.

Dressing up is super fun, although I do not get the urge to get glammed up often. BUT, when I do, I go all out!

This NY&Co black jumpsuit and earrings keep my so fresh, so clean, and super stylin' - now I want to go on a rare shopping escapade!

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Do you rock your Afro, voluminous curls, big-time waves, and jumpsuits at work? Tell me all about it!

As ever, stay curly!

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Photos by Cassandra J. Klepac