“Short hair, don’t care” is a motto many curlies live by proudly. Not everyone is opting for longer hair.  Many enjoy the carefree look or quickness of the TWA or pixie cut.  Even if one is merely growing their hair out, the desire to find styles for their short cut during that time period does not have to be a hard thing to do. For the shortest of the shortest or for the curlies rocking shaved sides or undercuts, you may need a little guidance. No worries because if you cannot put your hair in a ponytail then we’ve got you covered!

Being Melody

Being Melody is a channel about a natural-haired woman stumbling through life fabulously. She’s also got really short sides and back with longer length on top. She changes it up occasionally with twists added in, but her super short cut is never boring, as she finds amazing styles to rock.

Queen Teshna

Queen Teshna is a natural hair, beauty, and fashion vlogger rocking an ultra-short tapered cut masterfully. She is big on variety—including makeup tips—that will never bore you. In her most recent videos she shares how quickly she creates a slicked back wave, which is the perfect style for spring. All you need is some moisturizer, gel, a comb, and some edge control.

Natural Hair Rebel

Natural hair rebel is another tapered cut diva who has no problems creating beautiful styles. This natural hair, beauty, and lifestyle vlogger is forever creating timeless styles that will never leave you wondering what to do with a short tapered cut. From perm rods to finger coils to rocking a scarf, she is masterful at flawless coils and curls on short hair. Check out her video on how she creates finger coils on her tapered cut and ends up looking gorgeous!

Sadora J

Sadora J is a great vlogger to follow for creating easy and fun styles with short hair. My favorite video by her is her effortless curly fro with perm roods on ultra-short hair. It only takes some creativity, a few products, perm rods, and afro pick. She also great with scarves for those days the hair is just not working out!


I love watching Keiana’s videos. She’s fun, full of creativity, and can rock short hair like no one else! You can learn how to work your accessories to using sponges for styling. In this video she shares six ways to spice up your TWA from sporting a variety of hats and scarves to rocking temporary color. What you walk away with is that absolute belief in how versatile short natural hair can have for any woman.


J. Joelle is a chameleon of style. From makeup to hair she brings flair to all her looks with relative little work to be done. What I love about her videos is how she has a range of styles as she does rock wigs and braids from time to time but she not only share how she cares for her hair beneath the wigs but she has some stellar videos on the shortest of the shortest TWAs and how to rock them beautifully. The video below is on how to wear the shortest TWA with a sleeker look that is easy and fun to create.

Jaelah O’Neil

Jaelah has gorgeous hair. She can create just about any style she wants with a little creativity and accessories. In this video she shares how she easily creates the cutest puff with her TWA and you will fall in love and be rocking this in no time.  

J Mayo

J Mayo brings fun to hair. With her passion for color and learning new ways to rock her hair, she’s got videos sharing her journey of growing out her hair through funky styles for even the shortest TWA. In this video she shares how she flat twists her TWA. She creates a gorgeous style with flat twists that will make you see all the versatility in your own hair.


GlamMzMore has a short, 4C TWA, and while many feel one is limited with super short hair, we see how that is far from the truth. From shingling to wash and go to perm rods, GlamMzMore shows how easily any style can be created no matter your type. In this video, she shows the process of creating a defined TWA using the shingling method and how this style can last for days!


Tierra J. Beauty

Tierra gust big chopped two weeks ago, so she’s fresh out of the gate working with short natural hair again. She was ready for removing those heat-damaged strands and work with healthy, curly hair, so she’s been creating some amazing styles on her new hairdo. In this video she show how she expertly creates finger coils and the results are awesome.

Who’s your favorite TWA vlogger? 

Sabrina Perkins


Sabrina, founder of seriouslynatural.org and contributor to several online publications, is a freelance writer who engages her audiences on the relevance of natural hair, beauty, and style.

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