Looking for a style to rock this holiday season? Check out KinkyCurlyBeauty’s Flat Twist Pompadour Pinup look! It’s heat free but smoking hot.

What You'll Need

  • Rat tail comb

  • Hair clips

  • Moisturizing product

  • Bobby pins


  1. Using your rat tail comb, section your hair into 2 proportional horizontal sections and clip them

  2. Split the top section into 3 sections, separating the sides and the crown

  3. Start with one side, slick it back with product and flat twist it towards the back of your head and pin it down

  4. Slick, flat twist and pin down the other side as well

  5. Split the crown section into 5 sections and slick, flat twist and pin those down each on the back of your head

  6. Make sure all the twists are pinned down near or on the same spot

  7. Unclip the bottom section and slick your edges

  8. Bring up the bottom section as tight as possible and twirl the very end and tuck it in and pin it down


Watch the Video

For a more detailed tutorial, check out KinkyCurlyBeauty’s video!

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