Natural ingredients including olive oil, almonds, and shea butter

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For curly girls, hair butters are a thicker, more controllable alternative to oils. Butters provide the same dense, replenishing moisture and sheen as a coconut or jojoba oil would do, but with the added benefit of creamy pliability and application – perfect for laying edges, smoothing ends, and securing protective styles.

Why make your own?

There are tons of wonderful hair butters on the market, so why bother going through the DIY process? The fact is, when you create your own products at home, you can feel confident about the ingredients. Since some products use preservatives and drying alcohols in their recipes which can be damaging to your hair. While there are many naturally-based products available to buy, making hair butter at home without these harmful elements can be a great way to be sure you know what you’re applying to your hair and scalp. When you DIY, you will also be able to customize the ingredients you use in your hair butter to best suit your texture and preferences. The DIY alternative may be more affordable than the jar at your beauty supply store as well.

DIY it: Whipped Shea and Olive Oil Hair Butter

One of the easiest DIY hair butters requires only two ingredients. When you combine ½ cup of shea butter and ¼ cup of olive oil together and whisk, you get a butter that is fluffy and hydrating. This Olive Oil and Shea butter recipe can be used for adding moisture to your strands, laying edges, or getting a little hold (without the crunch!”>.

DIY it: Whipped Mango and Honey Hair Butter

Olive oil can be a little heavy for some hair types and for certain styles. Mango butter is a fantastic, light alternative and paired with the richness of honey, this butter provides a rich finish to any style. Simply combine 1 cup of melted mango butter with a few drops of honey and stir until blended well. Whip for a few minutes until you get a light, fluffy consistency. This can be used for styling and conditioning your hair and it smells amazing.

DIY it: Coconut-Shea-Aloe Hair Butter

For a rich butter that helps with a range of textures and styles, this is a must-try recipe. Combine ½ cup of shea butter and 2 tablespoons coconut oil until melted and well blended. Add in ¼ cup of aloe vera gel to the mixture and stir until blended. You can either let your mixture sit in the fridge a few hours and use directly for a thicker consistency, or you can whip it for a fluffier consistency, depending on your preference. Your hair will appreciate the vitamin-richness of this butter.

Which DIY Hair Butter recipe will you try first? Let us know in the comments or post your finished product to Instagram and tag us!

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