Be honest, when it comes to your curls...are you winging it? Do you not have a set routine? Being spontaneous isn't always a bad thing, but your curls might be worse off for being subject to whims as opposed to real planning.

Listen curlies, the ultimate key to success in everything is getting organized.

No amount of stylers or deep treatments will work for you without a hair regimen. From meal planning to picking out work outfits — the more you can schedule, the better off your results will be. A hair regimen is no different!

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Let's take a look at the importance of keeping a hair regimen and how it can benefit your curls.

1. It'll keep your hair moisturized

How many times do we have to say it? Dried out curls don't do anyone ANY favors, and hydration is key. While how much we can retain moisture is largely dependent on your sebum production and hair porosity, chances are if you're only doing an in-shower conditioner your strands are pretty dry. Curly hair needs higher levels of moisture to keep it healthy and elastic, and if you have a strict sealing and conditioning routine in place, you will be more likely to ensure your curls get the TLC they need. When you don't plan for moisture, most of the time you miss out. Obey your curls' thirst, and get a plan in place!

2. It'll prevent breakage

If you aren't on a hair regimen, your strands are just getting whatever you sporadically decide to give them instead of tailored care based on their needs. And when your hair is dry or undernourished, it will be more prone to breakage. Hair needs protein and moisture to stay healthy. While sometimes your hair will need more of one than the other depending on influencing factors, having a plan in place makes it easier to manage this aspect. If you have a regular routine of doing a deep moisture treatment once a week, and a protein treatment biweekly or once a month as needed, you can beat breakage and reveal healthy curls. Conditioner, folks. Use it, or lose it.

3. You'll reduce buildup/irritation

Stop us if you've heard this one before. A curly walks into a bar, and even in the dim lighting, everyone can see the streaks of dried product, and also her hair is super crunchy and she spends the whole evening out scratching her scalp. Oh, that wasn't funny? Well yeah. It's not a joke. Without a good hair regimen, including clarifiying, and getting rid of all your styling product film, you'll end up an itchy, flaky punchline no matter how easily absorbed your usual stylers are. Maintaining a schedule for hair care can help prevent scalp issues before they happen, and keep those curls from crackling.

4. You'll save time and energy

Without a plan in place, you may end up doing hair treatments you don't really need. Did you deep condition last week? Don't remember? Welp, you're doing it again, go ahead and cancel that lunch date. Having a set regimen in place not only teaches your hair to expect certain treatments at a given time, it also keeps you more organized. For instance, if you know every two weeks on Sunday night, you are doing a hair masque, it will just make life easier to manage. Bonus: You'll save money on product if you don't have to waste a treatment "just to be sure".

5. It makes styling easier

When your hair is healthy and strong from having a routine, styling becomes easier. Healthy hair tends to need less in the way of daily frizz control, and can generally take less in the way of styling products, and other measures which can slow you down in the mornings. Who doesn't like extra time? Whether putting in a protective style or wearing your hair with a fresh wash and go, styling success starts with healthy hair, and healthy hair starts with a routine!

So what do you think curlies? Are you a Type A bullet-journaling regimen whiz, or could you stand to get with a program? Let us know how you do or don't keep it together in the comments!