While facial hair is not every woman’s cup of tea, many of us curlies cannot resist a bearded babe when we see one.

Hate it or love it, one thing we can all agree on is that these natural men wear their facial hair quite well. Check out this list of natural men who rock their facial hair like no one else.

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Michael is a rising star with a bright smile and dapper style. Keep up with the Black Panther and Creed star on social media.

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If you have a thing for vampires, Charles Michael Davis is your guy. He plays a vampire on The Originals, and has also appeared on BET’s The Game, Grey’s Anatomy, That’s So Raven and Switched At Birth. He definitely deserves more love and your follow.

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Michael Ealy has eyes that possess the magical ability to take our breath away. This man has inspired many crushes, young and old--let him inspire you to follow.

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Any man who has stated his life goal is to change the way the world views black women definitely deserves your follow. Keep up with the endeavors of the CRWN Magazine co-founder, Nkrumah Farrar.

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We look at Mr. Fallback's hair with longing. And bonus: the model has some of the hottest celeb friends.

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Who needs an excuse to look at photos of Idris, or listen to him speak with that amazing British accent, or watch him breathe for that matter? Follow the Order of the British Empire for Services in Drama award recipient. 


Warning: Felipe's pics will give you total hair envy. This model and blogger has completely dedicated his platform to empowering other black bearded men around him.