The American and National MLB Leagues are facing off—but which team wins the curly vote?


While other media outlets may be comparing the American and National MLB All-Star teams based on statistics and performance, the true test of endurance and strength comes down to this: which team boasts more dudes with curly locks?

Now, you might say that this way of comparing the teams is trivial, that how many curly men are on the team has nothing to do with how they will perform. Of course, you might be wrong.

As people advance from common citizen to all-star athlete, they have a tendency to fit in to particular stereotypes. We can take, for example, athletes such as Alex Rodriquez or Mark McGuire who, whether or not guilty of using steroids, pumped their bodies up to super human size, hit the peak of their careers and instilled a whole new body image pressure on little boys obsessed with baseball everywhere—to break all the records and be the best, you have to be the biggest.

Unfortunately, it isn’t just the women of the world who have to battle image pressures from advertisements, television shows, athletes or even their parents. Men are just as exposed to the biases that put each of us in to a little checked box on state exams.

Thus, all-star athletes who keep their cool and fluffy locks, refusing to surrender to the pressures of “Mad Men” or “Jersey Shore” episodes, are just as strong-willed and confident as the next curly haired female out there—and we all know what happens when you put multiple strong-willed and confident people on the same team: they win!

So, let’s break these leagues down and get to the nitty-gritty details of why these 10 curly men are stars to keep your eyes on—and why the American League seems best fit to win.

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Tracey Wallace

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