AnnaLynne McCord stepped out in high fashion and amazing curl at the Cirque Du Soleil World Premiere of “Iris.” This is a classy curly hairstyle that works both at home and at the office, on the weekend and even on the red carpet.

Copy Her Curly Cut

The look is a long layered style with a face framing angle. The overall length is trimmed to create a solid base line.

  1. Cut straight across with scissors. Part your hair down the middle and drape each side over your shoulders. Cut one side and then the other to match. Move your hair behind your shoulders and check from the back in a mirror to be sure both sides match. Adjust if needed.
  2. Cut the layers in one big snip. Hold all your hair in a pony way above your head. The back and sides should NOT reach into the pony. This will keep the base line full and heavy. Snip off the very end of the pony to a length equal to the shortest layer you want on the top of your head. Use the shortest top piece as a starting point to cut the face framing sides.
  3. Tip your head forward and cut a line connecting the short top front piece to the lower bottom corner on each side. When you lift your head up, this will create a face-framing angle.

The result is a light, airy shape the highlights your curly texture and frames your face.

Mimic Her Curly Color

Anna’s hair tone is a warm level 6 brown with highlights. If your hair is naturally darker select a shade level 7 or 8 labeled warm brown. Look for a gold base color. You will need some lift so 30 volume developer is a good choice. Process following the manufacturers directions.

If your color is naturally lighter you need to deposit pigment. A level 6 warm brown with a gold base is the choice. Process with 10 volume developer for more color deposit. Selected strands can be highlighted after the base color is processed by hand painting on a small amount of lightener to the hair’s surface around the face. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and watch the color as it lifts. Rinse out the lightener when you see the highlight shade you like.

Get Her Curly Hairstyle

  1. Gently squeeze and blot the excess moisture from your hair with a microfiber towel. Spray on and comb through a misting of Zoot Hair Primer. Primer helps your styling product to bond to the hair, evens porosity and increases style durability.
  2. Apply a glaze, like Zoot Curly Glaze, throughout your hair on top of the primer. Use wide spread fingers to coat all surfaces and the inside of your hair. You do not want to just apply product to the top surface of your hair.
  3. Scrunch dry with a diffuser, lifting hair up to reduce the force of gravity and encourage natural curl formation. Clip up selected pieces at the base where some lift assistance is needed. Lightly mist your finished look with Zoot Hair Lock Your Look Firm Hold Hair Spray for hold that will last.

Want More?

Check out all of the curly hairstyles at Austin City Limits here in NaturallyCurly’s hometown!

Final Thoughts

This look is best suited for those with type 3 curls. Tell us what versatile hairstyles you use at home, at work and at formal events!

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