Rodney Cutler

Rodney Cutler

Q: One thing that’s annoying for me is the fact that my hair doesn’t curl right from the scalp. It’s wavy or just plain straight for about six inches or so. Then it starts to curl. It looks kind of flat on top — I think it’s due to all the products I have to use to prevent it from getting big and bushy as it dries during the day. Any suggestions on how to make it curly from the scalp, and give it more volume there?

Cutler: Add some layers to remove weight from the hair so that the curl is not pulled out. Use a curl activating product that is not too heavy. Try Cutler Curling Cream or Redken Ringlet.

Q: Is there a way to keep curls nice overnight without sleeping sitting up?

Cutler: Use a trick that grandma used. Sleep on a satin pillowcase. This allows your hair to slide over the pillow’s surface, keeping the curl less-disturbed.

Q: My hair was naturally curly nine months ago. I decided to get it permanently straightened (CHI”>, and now my hair is slowly returning to its curl, with a wave on the crown of my head. I miss my curls and plan to have a perm to quicken the process of getting my natural texture back since I always wear it in a ponytail to hide the wavy hair on my crown. Before I do anything, I’m looking for advice from an expert. Should I go ahead and have a perm or wait for it to naturally return to its natural curl?

Cutler: Do not perm your hair. The reason why it is called “permanently straightened” is because it is permanent. In this situation, it’s best to let your hair grow and return to its natural curl while continuing to trim the straight ends away. Use your curling iron to add some curl to the ends whenever you are having a bad hair day, or to get you through this awkward hump.

Q: After I color my hair — even just the roots — my hair is stringy and difficult for a few days. I’m guessing it’s from the weight of the color particles. It takes at least three or four washings for it to get back to normal. Is this normal?

Cutler: The color is creating a super, almost astringent clean feel to your hair. While addingcolor, hair color also cleanses your hair of its natural conditioners. These conditioners help give your hair body, texture and shine, and even add weight to your hair. Next time your hair is colored, use a little more conditioner, leave it on a little longer and rinse it out a little less. Your hair will feel a lot better.

Q: Now that the weather is cooler, I like to wear my hair straight. But I’m not sure which causes less damage –a blow-dryer or a straightening iron. Any thoughts?

Cutler: The answer to this is like the chicken and the egg. With both, you can start with wavy or curly hair and finish with straight hair. It comes down to which you are more comfortable using, and which are you less likely to over do. The most damage is done when the user overdries/overheats the hair. A great way to protect your hair with either method is to first apply a thermal protectant product that will actually treat the hair while protecting it as you heat style it, Teri Hatcher and Rachel Ray love Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray.

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