brooke white

Brooke White


Ouidad: The best way to create free-flowing waves is the second day after you’ve washed your hair. Spray hair with Ouidad Botanical Boost leave-in conditioner, which seals in moisture and provides hair with nourishing vitamins and Aloe-Vera. Then, scrunch and then spritz with Styling Mist to set and hold waves.

If your hair was just washed and is fresh, add leave-in conditioner, like Botanical Boost, post-shower and then add a styling lotion like PlayCurl Mousse to build body and exaggerate fullness.

Trying to revive second day waves? It’s easy! Simply spray curls with Botanical Boost to refresh curls and tame frizzies, then top off with a shine agent like Shine Glaze, which contains micronized crystalline particles that add shine and control frizz

For feminine, frizz-free curls, add a bit of shine to hair, than smooth out and use your fingers to separate waves and create individual wave patterns.

Want tighter curls? Take hair in three individual sections, add Clear Control Pomade and twist into three buns high and tight then pin to the top of the head. Hit buns with a bit of hot air from the blow dryer and take down for frizz-free curls. Finish off with Shine Glaze, for a perfectly in-place coif.

Looser waves? If you’re looking for looser, Brooke-like waves, separate hair into sections and pin oversized buns to the crown. This will create a larger wave pattern. Again, finish with shine serum for brilliant results.