Dear Ouidad: I just saw the Broadway musical "In The Heights" and was in awe of all the great curly actresses. I understand you helped them get those beautiful curls. I'd love to know what products you used.

Mandy Gonzalez

A: Mandy Gonzalez came to "In The Heights" asking for softer curls. Lead Ouidad stylist Ayanna complied and began this softer look by using Curl Quencher Gel, which contains rich botanical emollients and Pro-Vitamin B5, a penetrating moisturizer that conditions, defines and holds dry, thirsty curls. Curl Quencher gel not only gave Mandy the added moisture her curls needed, but gave them the light bounce she desired.

Nina LaFarga

Nina LaFarga knew she wanted to wear her hair wild and messy, just as she does in her daily life. She relayed this information to Ouidad stylist Ana, who had the perfect remedy to keep her curls lively: Ouidad Tress FX is an alcohol-free, lightweight styling lotion that defines ringlets without smothering or weighing them down.

Janet Dacal

Janet Dacal's hair contains a mixture of curl patterns that include loose waves and tight ringlets. In order to add a bit of flexibility, with the utmost amount of control, to Janet’s tresses, Ayanna used a combination of Ouidad Climate Control and Ouidad Curl Quencher. The Climate Control protects hair from humidity and actually hydrates each individual strand of hair to prevent frizz, while the addition of Curl Quencher moisturizes, conditions and defines.