Q: I have curly hair and am very frustrated with the lack of growth. I was wondering if there was something wrong with my hair, and why it doesn’t grow. It is very frizzy and looks like I just woke up all the time. It is about down in the mid-neck line. I have been trying to grow it for 3.5 years now, with minimal trims.

Christo: I can understand how frustrating it can be, especially when our hair is 80 percent of our look. Hair grows differently for everyone, but I will give you some tips that will help you and your hair. The first step is that you must feed your hair. We need to eat to survive, and so does our hair. Use our Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque as a weekly treatment. Treatments are not a luxury when it comes to hair — they are a necessity. If you use the masque regularly, your hair will be less frizzy and unruly and will help maintain your hair’s health. But remember the three steps to successful styling of healthy hair: the correct cut for your texture and face, the right styling tools and knowing how to use them properly. The Curlisto philosophy is that there is always room for improvement, so don’t give up and turn your frustration into a challenge.

Q: I love wearing my curly hair down because I love how it looks. But it always falls in my face. The front part of my hair always bothers me and doesn’t cooperate. So I usually end up pulling it back into a ponytail. What different things can I do with my hair that will keep it out of my face, yet will also allow me to wear it down?

Christo: Absolutely! For starters, make sure you explain to your stylist how you want to wear your hair. It sounds like your hair needs a little bit of texturizing away from the face so your curls can be pulled back. Also, you can style your hair away from your face using small bobby pins close to your roots. This way it’s not so visible. If you prefer hair accessories, use small, fun clips. Another good way is to use braiding techniques, braiding the curls in the front so it looks stylish but controlled.

Q: I have really weird hair. It is naturally curly on the top layer, but straight underneath. It is really long and I like it that way, but I have a triangle thing going on where it’s flat on the top of my head and then gets more volume toward the bottom. I like it curly. But if it’s layered, they cut the curly part and I don’t want that. Is there anything else I can do to get more volume on the top of my head and get rid of the triangle look that is driving me crazy?

Christo: This is very a very common texture when it comes to curly hair. I always suggest that before cutting, you use a Curlisto Anti-Frizz treatment, an in-salon conditioning treatment, on top so you can take away the frizz and dryness from your hair and make the curls easier to blend with the bottom layers. That alone will minimize the pyramid effect and make your styling easier. Then you need to have the correct hair cut, with 68-degree angles that frame the face and take the bulk away from the bottom. Get a good consultation before you do anything.

Q: My name is Allie. and I’m 12 years old. I have really curly hair that is thick and rebellious. I am attempting to grow it out longer. When curly, it’s a tiny bit past my shoulders. I don’t have enough time to shower before the school bus so my hair is never wet. And I don’t know what to do with my curls for school except to put them in ponytails. Any suggestions?

Christo: The curly texture is one of the most exotic textures of hair. It takes more time and care in order to look good, but when it does, no other texture comes close to it. So you should feel proud of your hair. When it comes to styling, it’s better to style the curls the night before if you have to catch a bus in the morning. I will advise you to check out the “My Texture” section on the Curlisto website and then follow the styling lesson under the FAQ section. Before going to sleep, always pull the curls up in a rope twist, and the next day touch it up with Curlisto Unruly Paste. It takes 2 minutes and is not necessary to wet the hair. Other fun styles including braiding in different styles as well as small twisties.

Q: I just found this site, and I really need some help. My hair is a 2b/3a, and I am having serious problems with it. It is extremely frizzy. The ends do this strange things where they are majorly frizzy and don’t curl at all. My hairstylist called them “fizzled out,” and I’ve had them for years. I take vitamins, I don’t straighten or blowdry, and I don’t color my hair. But they are still there! It’s horrible. I’ve taken to wearing my hair up every day, but I want to wear it down. Can you help me get beautiful curls?

Christo: You probably have different textures. Curly hair comes in twos and threes, with hairs from the follicle pushing into each other and creating a curl. Some may be curly, and some are kinky curly. So the best way, if you haven’t already yet, is to start with the Deep Therapy Masque every week. If that doesn’t help, you may want to consider a more intense chemical treatment such as the Curlisto Bio Softening treatment (done in-salon”> that will provide you with better results. Go one step at a time.
Also consider that frizz comes from extreme dryness. And in order to succeed I would like you to visit to read the three steps to successful styling. This is something that I’ve been testing for more than 20 years and have proven it to be the only way to achieve successful styling. With that, you should be able to wear your curls however you want, up or down, and have a beautiful style.

Q: In what order are you supposed to diffuse? Should you put on your product and diffuse it right afterward, or do you put on your product, wait a while and then diffuse? Or do you get out of the shower, wait a while, put on your product and diffuse right after?

Christo: Either way, you will get good results. Apply products on wet hair right after you get out of the shower and then diffuse it immediately. Or you can apply the products first and then let your hair air dry for eight to 10 minutes while finishing your make up, and then diffuse. Definitely do not wait a while after you get out of the shower to apply the products and diffuse because you will end up with FRIZZ! The hair not only will look frizzy but will absorb more product than you want to apply into your hair. So the best thing is to squeeze the excess water out and start applying the product then.

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