Q: I am 44 and have had thick, dry, curly hair my entire life (3B or even 3C). My hair is long. Recently, I noticed that my hair seems to be taking on a different texture - tangling up (at a very scary pace) into mats, breaking very easily, and coming out by the handful everytime I run my fingers through it or try to comb it out. Nothing I have tried seems to help. I do color my hair about every 6-8 weeks, as there is quite a bit of grey. Any suggestions? I'm afraid I'm going to go bald!

Christo: The reason your hair is falling out could be two things: hormonal changes or the way you're combing it. Follow these steps and you will be fine.

Shampoo every three days.Leave conditioner in the hair for 5 minutes to hydrate your curls, then comb lightly with a wide tooth comb.Style hair with water soluble products to reduce matting.Products I would recommend are as following:Use a deep conditioner like Curlisto Deep therapy masque once a weekUse Curlisto Repair styling cream -- leave-in conditioner for extra moisture The more moisture your hair gets, the better it looks.Apply your styling product section by section on the hair. Do not use it on all of your hair at once because, the results will not be as good.Scrunch a little mousse into the ends like Curlisto Bio-gel mousse.Use a little pomade on dry hair only. Use very little, and do not pass fingers through the hair.A good shampoo to use is the Bio-curl shampoo, it moisturizes deeply for dry and damaged hair. It will help with your matting problem. Botanical Rinse is a great conditioner to use. Leave in for 5 minutes then detangle and rinse.

Q: Recently I have noticed that the curl in the back of my head -- especially in the crown area -- is a lot less curly. After it is dry, a lot of the curl falls out and becomes wavy within a half hour. However, the hair framing my face has gotten even curlier. In addition, my hair seems more limp lately and less thick. Do you recommend any products for my problem?

Christo: I have some clients with that problem and these are the steps I take to solve it:

I use a little Curlisto Protein Boost on the hairI use the Bio-Gel mousse on the hair that is wavier than other parts. Scrunch the Control I gel on that area ( a little more than a dime size), and use Structura lotion on the curlier sections.Spray a little Shaping Spray on the wavier sections, and diffuse with a diffuser while tucking the wavy area into it a bit. Move the diffuser up and down to get a curl. On the curlier parts, do not scrunch. Just let the diffuser hover over your hair.Use Matte Stay on hair (do not pass fingers through) and finish off with some Shaping Spray. You should have more curls.

Q: I want to get a haircut soon because my hair is down to my armpits. I'm wondering if I should get it layered. I got my hair layered two haircuts ago (the stylist straightened my hair and then layered it.) It looked alright when it went back curly, but not THAT good. Some people are telling me not to get it layered because it doesn't suit curly hair. What is your opinion? Also, do you have any tips on making curly hairstyles? I'm tired of just putting it in a pony tail.

Christo: Cutting curly hair is different from cutting straight hair. There are things you can do to straight hair but not with curly hair, and vice versa. Layering curly hair is not always a no-no; it all depends on the type of curls you have. The hair texture, the density, and the length of the hair are the factors we consider. Keep in mind that the face shape and the lifestyle of the client comes into play, as well. If you have the right haircut, the right tools, the right products and healthy hair, even the kinkiest hair can look gorgeous. Always treat and condition the hair, get it shaped every six to eight weeks, smooth and define the hair, letting it dry before touching it again. To keep long curly hair from getting tangled, try to sleep on twisted loose bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Q: How do I make my curl definition last longer? Right after I style my hair, it looks really nice. But by the time school finishes, it's not be as defined as it was in the morning. I've tried many products, so I don't know what to do.

Christo: If you do everything right from the beginning and know how to treat your hair, you can always have a good hair day. Choosing the right method and the right products for your curls is very important. If you want your curls to last longer, you may put your hair up while you are in school to save your curls and retouch it afterward with some finishing products. When styling your hair, hair should be damp-wet, (not dripping wet). Apply a generous amount of products throughout the head and make sure they're evenly distributed. Smooth hair and separate curls as much as you can for definition and don’t scrunch your hair until it’s 80 percent dry. Make sure you use the right products and tools and don’t be lazy, Remember, the outcome depends on the amount of effort you put into it.

Q: My name is Sophie. I'm a 14-year-old girl with long dirty-blonde curly hair -- about three inches below shoulder length. I'm looking for a new style for my hair because it's getting a little boring. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I'm looking for a shorter, curly hair style that I could still put up in a pony tail because I play a lot of sports. And it needs to be manageable. I'm thinking about bangs or just wisps. Do you have any advice about that?

Christo: You may want to consider cutting your hair to shoulder length with med-long layers. Bangs are a possibility unless you have a super low forehead or your hair is super kinky. To have manageable curly hair. regardless of length, you will need to find the right tool, the right products and the right haircut. Dirty blondes are mostly fine and limp. Choose the right product and diffuse immediately for definition. Cutting it to a shorter length is a good idea because it provides more bounciness and fullness. You may consider getting some highlights to accentuate the haircut if you are ready for a real change.