Q: I really want to get my hair completely straight without damaging it. Do you know a way how to get my hair straight or you have any tips,or any shampoo's or anything like that that could prevent damage?

Christo: When you decide to go very straight, you have to prepare for some chemical work. Now there are all kinds of chemicals around. But each salon uses different chemicals, which cause a different degree of possible damage. The price can range from $200 to $800 and more. My suggestion is to choose a more expensive salon since most likely they would use better chemicals with better ingredients as well as taking the right amount of time on the service. Don’t forget to pre-treat your hair with treatments such as our Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque. It’s easy to use and it’s effective within 5 to 8 minutes. Use the masque after your chemical process as well. Use it on regular basis so your hair will stay healthy. As for shampoo, I recommend the Botanical Shampoo from Curlisto Systems. It’s specifically made for hair that’s been chemically processed. Make sure you use some straightening glaze such as the Straight Time Glaze from Curlisto Systems to prevent hair from getting damaged from heat, and to maintain the straightened look. Straight Time Glaze will also give you incredible shine as well as preventing your hair from frizzing.

Q: I have straight hair, but I got a perm last year. The problem is that when I blow dry it, it gets very dry, flat and frizzy. What would be a good product to help? I have to use hot rollers everyday, and I want to get away from doing that. My hair falls flat very quick if I don't use a lot of product, and I do not look good with flat hair . Any advice would be great.

Christo: Even when you perm your hair, you still have to treat it as curly hair. Therefore choosing the right styling tools is very important. Lotion and gel can be combined. For example, use a quarter-size Structura Lotion combined with a dime size Control I, then apply onto hair in sections. Make sure you condition your hair well, so it does not dry out even when you blow dry your hair. A perm is considered chemical treatment; therefore, do not forget to use Deep Therapy Masque at least every other week for manageable and healthy hair. If you insist on blowing your hair straight, make sure you use some Straight Time Glaze from Curlisto Systems.

Q: I am wondering why my hair, which used to be 'poker straight,' now all of a sudden has started to have a very dominant wave to it. No, I have not had a perm. When I was about 3 to 6 years, old, I had ringlets. Could this be coming back? From about 10-12 years old, I would get perms, but have not had one in about nearly a year. I do color my hair probably 3 times a year. Do you have any reasoning for this? Even my hairdresser is stumped.

Christo: It’s natural for your hair to change every 6-7 years or less. As we grow up, the hormones in our body change, causing our hair to change. Dramatic diet change, medication and stress can be some of the reasons to cause hair to change as well. That’s why we lose and grow hair every day. The speed of your new hair growth depends on the inner world of your body.

Q: By the end of the day the hair at the base of my neck has shrunk into EXTREMELY tightly wound corkscrews. I lose a couple of inches from morning to night. The corkscrews are so tight that it is impossible to separate the curls. By the time I wake up in the morning the back of my hair is in knots. I feel like I am headed towards dreadlocks!! Shampooing and conditioning frees up some of the corkscrews, but not all. Detanglers can't even get through some of the knots and I end up breaking a lot of my hair just to comb through it. My hair is past my shoulders when wet, but rides around the base of my neckby nightfall. Do you have sleeping suggestions? Are there products that I could use to unwind the corkscrews? Thank you for your help and direction. .

Christo: For hair like yours, I usually use the Curlisto Bio Softening to make the curls more loose and manageable. Here’s a tip for you to do at home: Get some Structura Lotion and Straight Time Glaze from Curlisto Systems. Combine a quarter of the Structura Lotion and a dime of Straight Time Glaze and apply on wet hair in at least 4 – 5 sections. Let the hair air dry or diffuse to 90% dry, then twist your curls very tight while drying it without the diffuser. Let it cool down while twisted and clip it like that before you get to where you have to go. That should prevent your hair from tightening up at the end of the day. I suggest you sleep with your curls pinned up, so you don’t frizz curls and tangle them. Use Deep Therapy Masque every other week so your hair stays healthy and flexible to style and manage.

Q: I'm thinking of getting short bangs, seeing as my hair is curly. Do you think it's a good idea? I've never seen a picture with a curly girl with short bangs. If I had bangs. I wouldn't want it to constantly poof up and just look like some movement to bring back the '80s. What do you think?

Christo: Bangs are big this year, even for curly hair. I just finished the San Francisco Fashioin Week and the trend is long bangs. Go for it, as long as your stylist knows how to cut accordingly to your texture, and make sure to ask the stylist if you have the right curl pattern to make it work.

Q: After having my first baby and losing most of my hair a few months later, my formally ringlet-like curly hair has grown back very curly and very fine in the front, around my face and at the nape of my neck, but coarser and barely wavy on top and in the back. Because of this inconsistency in texture, it looks ridiculous if I wear it down (big and curly in the front, flat, dull, and barely wavy in the back). I have had the most luck enhancing the texture all around with salon-brand root-lifter, curl-enhancing cream, and curling scrunching spray-gel, but it's still not a look I can feel comfortable with, even after getting a 'texturizing' cut in the back layers to add a little movement and shape. hat should I do about this difference in texture? I don't want to perm the back.

Christo: Unfortunately when you have beautiful babies, this is the price some women have to pay because of the imbalance of your hormones. It usually takes about a year for the texture to readjust. If it does not change within a year, then you have to consider either doing a Curlisto Bio-Softening, or have a perm on your frontal curly hair. Either process will make your style easier. Otherwise, you always are going to have to style your different textures differently. If you can e-mail me a picture of your hair, I will be able to visualize your hair much better and offer further advice.

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