Ever wonder how Beyoncé goes seamlessly from straight hair one day to curly the next and back? The gossip is that Beyoncé spends $2 million on wigs.

“InTouch” magazine reports the singer has professionals make her wigs and use real hair. Each wig costs thousands of dollars. A friend of Beyoncé’s told “InTouch” that “The wigs are magnificent and well-made. You don’t notice them because they seem so real and are a big part of the singer’s image, which is one of perfection. She takes them with her and uses different ones depending on what she is doing . . . a concert and a party doesn’t call for the same look, and she knows that.”

That’s why her look is always changing and surprising. One day she has long, straight, darker hair and the next she has blond highlights and curls. Her real hair is short and very curly. According to her own mother, Beyoncé may have ruined her hair when she was younger trying to color it blond many times.

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