I am always looking for ways to update my wardrobe and explore different styles.

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Some of my biggest sources of fashion inspiration are the fashionistas and models I follow on Instagram.

They all have their own unique sense of style, which I try to emulate parts of in my own fashion sense. This month, model Chrissy Teigen caught my eye with the recent launch of her new clothing line with Revolve. Chrissy’s collection consists of fun fluffy jackets, gorgeous black floral poly slacks with matching crop tops to match, delicate dresses, and fierce tall heeled boots. While there are a couple items that are a little far out for my style, I am in love and completely obsessed with most of her collection! These are my top three faves.

woman modeling chrissy teigen clothing collection

Matcha pants and crop tops

These are perhaps my favorite items in the whole collection. They have a beautiful floral design with a silky, velvety, and comfortable looking aesthetic. I love how she incorporated clasps on the sides of the pants. I wonder if traditional Chinese clothing was the inspiration behind them. I also love that these pants have two different tops. One is a more off the shoulders crop top compared to the bralette style top. This would be a perfect outfit to wear on a night out on the town! Now that it is getting colder, I think having the right blazer jacket or cardigan could really rock this outfit no matter what season!

models in chrissy teigen clothing collection

Thai Tea Top & Pants

Similar to her Matcha items, I am absolutely obsessed with her Thai Tea Pants. I love the shimmery fabric and color. These would be pants that I would wear to completely lounge around in and yet something I would also wear for a nice evening out. If worn with the right shoes and accessories, I would even go as far as saying wearing them to a fancier event!

chrissy boot

By Raye Como Boot

At first, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of these boots. Pink is usually my least favorite color, however, I find that these boots are fierce and sexy in an unexpected way. I think it’s neat when designers mix up our idea of what we traditionally think of as ‘fierce.’ When I think of the word, traditional colors of black or red come to mind. However, I think Chrissy was able to pull off fierce successfully with the pink color! Also, I think it definitely wouldn’t have the same effect if the boots were shorter. The length is definitely what makes them work; wearing these boots with a cute denim dress or the white sweater dress that she features them in looks amazing.


I find Chrissy’s style to be really out there.

She is confident, sexy, and the collection truly reflects who she is as a person — fun, fierce, and not afraid to be herself!

What do you think of Chrissy’s collection?

Do you find it sexy, empowering, fierce, or something else completely? What is your favorite article of clothing in the collection? Let me know in the comment section below!

Photos courtesy of Revolve.

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