katelyn epperly

Katelyn Epperly

They might not have felt the earth move when Katelyn Epperly sang, but at least they loved her curls!

Season after season, I have watched them take one beautiful curly contestant after another —think Jordan Sparks, Syesha Mercado, Kimberley Locke and Jennifer Hudson —and straighten her locks. So I was pleasantly surprised that the American Idol judges actually had positive comments about one of the things that makes Katelyn stand out — those gorgeous curls!

If she moves on in the competition, let's hope she won't subjected to the typical Idol makeover, flat ironing her curls to conform with an increasingly outdated standard of beauty.

Thank you Taylor Swift and Shakira and all the other amazing curly female singers who have proved that one need not change a fundamental part of your appearance to sell records!

— Michelle Breyer