Toya Carter, spokesmodel for Ampro

Curlies, are you looking for an edging product that actually works? Well we got your fix! Ampro’s new Silk Edges product, part of the Shine ‘n Jam product line, is made of 100 percent olive oil and silk protein. Yep, that’s right – there’s real silk in it!

The silk protein helps to create a smooth, sleek finish while delivering the strongest hold of the entire Shine ‘n Jam line. Even Toya Wright tweeted out that she, “prefers to use the product when smoothing the edges of her natural style.”

We caught up with Toya ourselves to find out how and when she uses the product and how we can, too!

So tell me about this deal you have with Ampro.

Well, I love their edge tamers and I also really love their styling jam. I hear people complaining all the time about their hair care products and which these types of products, you can’t apply a lot. It is just for the edges, then you brush it or comb your hair down, especially for ponytails, which is works really, really well with. My ponytails are always really pretty and shiny when I use Ampro products. But that edge tamer, that’s a really good product that they came out with!

When do you use the product the most?

I always use it with my ponytails, or if I wake up and I don’t want to apply any heat, I’ll use the edge tamer, but I’ll only apply a little, little bit. If you use it right, which is again, by just using a little bit, then it will give your hair a silky look.

So if you’re looking to cash in on the product, head over to Fred’s Super Dollar store and other local beauty supply stores and pick up a jar!



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