Now, we hate to toot our own horn over here at NaturallyCurly, but when media mentions have us looking back to our loyal community, we feel like it is an absolute must to give a shout out to you all!

Friday, The Huffington Post released a story about Curl Junkie, a product many of you are already familiar with through CurlMart.

Marsha Coulton, the creator of the product, explained to the online media source that starting up a new hair care line wasn’t super easy. However, Coulton mentioned that in 2006, when she reached out to NaturallyCurly.com, “a website founded by two white women who had spent decades struggling with their own curly hair,” her sales more than doubled.

The CurlMart marketplace not only increased sales, but increased awareness about the product, leading to a mention in Essence magazine the following year.

Today, Coulton’s Curl Junkie products are available in 20 retail locations throughout the United States, and on plenty of e-commerce sites like CurlMart.

Her success story is due in large part to her passion about caring for kinky hair. In a quote to the Huffington Post, Coulton said, “I am serious about not putting anything in my products that could possibly be unhealthy,” a huge concern for kinky haired ladies the world over. After all, we all know how those unhealthy products have damaged and nearly ruined our curls.

How You Helped!

All types of wavies, curlies and kinkies pitched in their support and curl love.

In the end, however, Coulton’s ultimate success, and the launching of her product to a U.S. wide audience, is very much related to the dedicated community here on NaturallyCurly.com, and those who continue to review and purchase products on CurlMart.

Much like at my alma mater, NaturallyCurly.com readers are passionate, not just about curly hair or curly hair products, but about helping other curlies find success.

To be frank, it is a truly remarkable find on the Internet to have an audience and community so dedicated to one another. Coulton felt the love, the Huffington Post reported it, and now, we are thanking you for it. You have made this site what it is, you have made the products what they are, and you can even be one of those successful curlies!

After all, Coulton started by simply creating her own recipes at home. So, find your talent and passion, and then get back here in the community and find all of the curly love and support to get you where you want to go.

Trust us — if 14 years have proven anything, this community won’t let you down!

We know that Coulton isn’t the only one who has seen the curly support. We see it everyday in CurlTalk and in article comments – women helping women find themselves, boost their confidence and learn that natural is absolutely beautiful.

To that extent, we couldn’t thank you enough!

Want to Know More?

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Final thoughts

So, curlies, tell us about your success stories here at NC, and about why being loyal and dedicated to the curly hair community is your passion!